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Obama’s Scheme to Destroy Trump’s Presidency Unfolds

S. Noble, The Obama Truth Team originating in 2012 is back — again. Launched to destroy Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, it has a new role, to destroy Donald Trump and the GOP agenda. The Truth Team is a division of Obama’s Organizing for America which allegedly fact-checks every claim by Republicans. It’s from a left-wing perspective and

Trump Launches Major Twitter Campaign Ahead of Debates with #BigLeagueTruth

Warner Todd Huston, Donald Trump has launched a social media campaign to help supporters keep the media honest for the next presidential debate with the hashtag #BigLeagueTruth, where supporters can act as a quick response team to debunk false accusations by the Clinton campaign or the moderators and the media. Supporters can go to the

Speaking of Rape and the War on Women – Democrats Oppose Mandatory Sentences for Child Rapists


Even though almost every major figure in the Republican party and the conservative movement has condemned him and called for him to leave the race, Democrats are now accusing Republicans of condoning rape and a “war on women” because of Missouri GOP Senate nominee Todd Akin‘s clueless comments on the subject.So it’s worth looking at