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Primary elections Held Tuesday in 8 states

TOP OF THE TICKET On a day with primary elections in eight states, the marquee race in Mississippi, where six-term GOP Sen. Thad Cochran faced his toughest re-election fight ever, remained too close to call hours after the polls closed. The state’s Republican establishment backed Cochran against state Sen. Chris McDaniel, a favorite of the

Hillary Clinton’s New Book, Benghazi Strategy a Clear Sign: She’s Running

 Former Secretary of State Hillary has an entire chapter of her upcoming book devoted to the controversial 2012 attack in Benghazi, and is deploying surrogates to defend her handling of it – perhaps the clearest signs yet that she’s planning to run for the White House in 2016. The reason: She’s dealing with this story

Violent Video Games And Mass Murder

 The few times I have written an article about the possible connection between violent acts and violent video games, I immediately receive responses from readers who say, “I’ve played violent video games for years, and they have not affected me negatively. I’m perfectly capable of distinguishing between fantasy and reality.” Perhaps that is so, but

The Real Extremists Are Being Exposed

Michael Brown  Since when did it become “extremist” to be pro-life, pro-family, and pro-marriage? On May 10th I wrote an article entitled “Anti-Christian Activists Will Defeat Themselves.” Within days, my thesis was being confirmed. Last week, Martha MacCallum, sitting in for Megyn Kelly on Fox, hosted a heated exchange between Dana Loesch and Democrat strategist

Thai Military Declares Martial Law, Seeks to Quell Protests

 Thailand’s army imposed martial law nationwide after months of political turmoil that brought down an elected leader and tipped the economy into a contraction. The move is not a coup and people should not be concerned, Army Chief Prayuth Chan-Ocha said on local television. The military is seeking to restore order and asks political groups