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Helping The Sharpton & Obama Afrocentrism ‘Fade to Black’ (Part I)

Ilana Mercer, TWO PIMPS IN A POD Boy, have whites done hard time under Barack Hussein Obama! To deliver his inauguration benediction, eight accursed years back, Obama commissioned one Rev. Joseph Lowery. Lowery is to poetry what Beyoncé is to music. Both were greatly elevated by the outgoing, déclassé first couple. Lowery’s anti-white inaugural jingle


“Lost” Emails And Mysterious Payments Raise New Questions About Clinton CorruptionThe State Department Mysteriously Lost An Attachment On Greek Bonds Sent To Clinton Son-In-Law Marc Mezvinsky In 2012 While He Was Making A Greek Play:This Week The State Department Admitted They Lost A Copies Of A 2012 Email Between A Clinton State Department Aide And

Enthusiasm Gap? Clinton addressing modest crowds, as Trump rallies big halls

It was another day out on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton, and another event held in a small room, in front of a small crowd. Supporters and media alike crowded Wednesday into a community center gym in Orange County, Fla., a critical battleground in what is arguably a must-have state for any presidential nominee,

Up and Down ” But Mostly Up ” the Income Ladder

Jeff Jacoby, TWO RESEARCHERS at the Bank of Italy have documented something remarkable about Florence, the gorgeous Tuscan capital where the Medicis ruled and the Renaissance was born: The city’s wealthiest residents today are descended from its wealthiest families six centuries ago. As The Wall Street Journal reported this month, economists Guglielmo Barone and Sauro