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Trump Declares CNN, NYT, CBS, ABC And NBC Are “The Enemy of The American People”

Tyler Durden, If you thought yesterday’s press conference was “ranting and raving” , it appears President Trump just turned the anti-‘Fake news’-media amplifier up to ’11’, declaring  CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS , The New York Times (yet not The Washington Post) as “enemies of the American people”. Incidentally, this was the second tweet, after Trump

Iran To Name US Individuals Involved In “Helping And Founding” Terrorist Groups

Tyler Durden, Following the escalation on Friday morning, in which the US Treasury Department published a list of 13 Iranian individuals and 12 Iranian entities facing new restrictions following Iran’s recent ballistic missile test, Tehran promptly denounced the latest round of sanctions imposed by the US and said it would retaliate – something it has

“The Truth Is What We Say It Is”: Obama Signs Orwellian Law Setting Up Fake News Gestapo

Tyler Durden, Editor’s Comment: The federal government has long been at odds with truth. It thrives in a cesspool of spin, lies and misdirection focused constantly around fixing the facts. Why anyone gives any credence to anything said through official Washington channels is only explained by an honest assessment of the helpless and indifferent captive

“His Thoughts Are So Correct”: Trump Releases “Very Nice Letter” He Received From Putin

Tyler Durden,  Moments ago, Donald Trump released the following statement in response to a conciliatory letter he has received from Russian president Vladimir Putin, in which the Russian president offers an unprecedented olive branch for future cooperation between the two nations: “A very nice letter from Vladimir Putin; his thoughts are so correct. I hope

Putin Lashes Out At Obama: “Show Some Proof Or Shut Up”

Tyler Durden, Putin has had enough of the relentless barrage of US accusations that he, personally, “hacked the US presidential election.” The Russian president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on Friday that the US must either stop accusing Russia of meddling in its elections or prove it. Peskov said it was “indecent” of the United States

Of Flatulence and Government

Colin McNickle, California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a measure that would require Golden State farmers to reduce cow flatulence, among other “emissions,” by 40 percent (below 2013 levels) by 2030. That, despite, as some farm groups have noted, the government’s admission that there’s currently no known way to achieve such a goal.

Get To College, Get A Job, Get Poorer: Students Are Worse Off After Attending For-Profit Colleges

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Go to college, study hard, get a good paying job – that’s the mantra heard by most students across America as they wind down their high school careers. Intuitively taking out loans just to go to college because everyone says so isn’t a good idea, and a new study

This Is How Much Your Health Insurance Payment Is About To Jump By

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge  It’s official: years of warnings that Obamacare will lead to dramatic increases in healthcare premiums are about to be validated. As the WSJ writes, big health plans stung by losses in the first few years of the U.S. health law’s implementation are seeking hefty premium increases for individual plans sold through

Mike Bloomberg Booed After Lashing Out At College œSafe Spaces

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Michael Bloomberg gave a not so popular commencement address at the University of Michigan over the weekend. The former champion of banning large sugary drinks wassurprisingly critical of college “safe spaces”, the new trend that’s sweeping the nation. When the topic of critical lessons learned throughout college came up,

Dear US Soldiers And Veterans: Avoid The Following Hospitals Like The Plague

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden The VA scandal was just the beginning. According to Internal documents obtained by New York Times, US military healthcare is “a system in which scrutiny is sporadic and avoidable errors are chronic.” As the NYT reports In Military Care, a Pattern of Errors but Not Scrutiny, “the military system has

Why America Is Headed Toward Bankruptcy In 13 Terrifying Quotes

 John Hawkins,  Like Enron, Greece, and Donald Trump before us, America is about to go bankrupt. Unfortunately, our bankruptcy will probably be more Enron and less Donald Trump because we’re very unlikely to come back bigger and better in the lifetime of anyone reading this column. Instead, most Americans are probably going to experience skyrocketing