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Would You Hire Hillary Clinton to Run Your Business or Babysit Your Kids?

Daniel Greenfield, Hillary Clinton Hits Unfavorability High of 60%, Higher Than Trump! Remember last week when Hillary Clinton was shopping around for White House drapes and the “popular” wisdom was that she was inevitable? That was fun. Wasn’t it. Now she hit an unfavorability rating high of 60 percent. That’s higher than Trump.  It also

Tom Brokaw: Bernie Sanders Can Win Nomination if He Wins California

Dustin Stockton, Breitbart  When asked about Sanders’ chances by SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon, Brokaw, who has covered every presidential election since Nixon-Kennedy, responded: My favorite theory of politics, every cycle, is what I call the UFO theory — the unforeseen will occur. I never get involved in who’s going to win and who’s going to

Leftist Salon Labels Benghazi Cover-Up a œConspiracy Theory

Leftist publication regurgitates intellectually bankrupt White House talking point In an article for leftist publication, writer Arthur Goldwag characterizes the Benghazi cover-up as a “conspiracy theory” backed by nothing more than “faith,” a ludicrous assertion given the recent release of emails which proved a deliberate effort to mislead on behalf of the Obama administration.

Liberals are winning the language war?

 Are conservatives linguistically challenged? Or are they just naïve enough to think they can win the battle of ideas with — ideas? Okay, and money. Conservatives, like liberals, will spend huge amounts of money this year to get their ideas across to voters. But what they fail to do is bundle their thoughts into a