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ISIS ‘A National Security Threat’

Cal Thomas  U.S. airstrikes that have helped Iraqi and Kurdish forces recapture a strategic dam and halt, at least temporarily, the advance of ISIS terrorists on the Kurdish capital of Erbil are a welcome pushback against a relentless enemy that for a time seemed invincible.  But it may be of no more strategic significance than […] Continue reading →

Fidel Castro Denounces ‘Fascist’ Israel’s ‘Genocide’ of Palestinians

Humberto Fontova  “I think that a new, repugnant form of fascism is emerging with notable strength…The Nazi genocide of Jews outraged all the earth’s peoples. Why does this (Israeli) government believe that the world will be insensitive to the macabre genocide which today is being perpetuated against the Palestinian people?” (Fidel Castro, August, 5, 2014) […] Continue reading →

Israel’s defense minister rallied troops to prepare for fresh battles in the Gaza Strip

Negotiators race the clock to extend a cease-fire that expires at midnight.  Both Israeli and Hamas leaders displayed pessimism yesterday over the prospects of turning the 72-hour lull into a more permanent truce after four weeks of violence that left more than 1,900 Palestinians and 64 Israeli soldiers dead. “The shooting could restart,” Defense Minister […] Continue reading →

Here’s How The UN Is An Even Greater Enemy Of Israel Than Obama Is

Mona Charen  The United Nations plays a supporting role in every war between Hamas and Israel. U.N. spokesmen routinely issue statements, accusations, and denials about everyone’s conduct, including their own (most recently, they had to account for why they returned rockets, discovered in a U.N. school, to Hamas). Israel was denounced worldwide for an “attack” […] Continue reading →

Israeli Jets Strike Gaza Targets After Rockets Shatter Truce

 Israeli aircraft pounded the Gaza Strip today after militants fired rockets into the country’s south, reigniting the region’s monthlong conflict and leaving efforts in Cairo to extend a cease-fire in tatters. Army spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner said renewed rocket fire before and after a three-day truce expired at 8 a.m. was “unacceptable, intolerable and shortsighted. […] Continue reading →

The real Forever War

Mordechai Ben-Menachem To quote from one whom I consider to be one of the foremost English-language authors of the latter 20th century: “The Earth is beautiful, and bright, and kindly, but that is not all.  The Earth is also terrible, and dark, and cruel.  The rabbit shrieks dying in the green meadows.  The mountains clench […] Continue reading →