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Global Pressure Mounts on Israel to End Gaza Fighting

 International pressure mounted on Israel to end its three-week offensive in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, with President Barack Obama and the United Nations Security Council demanding an immediate truce. Israel reduced the scope of its military offensive today, saying it wouldn’t initiate strikes, though it responded to rocket and mortar fire that persisted after a […] Continue reading →

UN Security Council calls for Gaza cease-fire

 The U.N. Security Council has called for “an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire” in the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas. The council adopted the presidential statement at an emergency meeting just after midnight on Monday as Muslims started celebrating the Eid al-Fitr holiday marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. The call […] Continue reading →

Gaza Truce Crumbling Leads Obama to Seek Full Combat Halt

 Israel renewed its offensive in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip after Palestinian rockets tore through a fledgling truce, prompting U.S. President Barack Obama to call for an immediate end to the fighting. Shortly after the Israeli military campaign resumed yesterday, Hamas offered to go back to a previous United Nations-backed cease-fire agreement that took effect July […] Continue reading →

The World Is Doomed By Western Insouciance

Don’t expect to live much longer  European governments and the Western media have put the world at risk by enabling Washington’s propaganda and aggression against Russia. Washington has succeeded in using transparent lies to demonize Russia as a dangerous aggressive country led by a new Hitler or a new Stalin, just as Washington succeeded in […] Continue reading →

UN aid chief says Gaza ceasefire is vital

 The U.N.’s humanitarian chief says a ceasefire to stop the violence in Gaza is vital because of the deteriorating situation. Valerie Amos said in an interview in Tokyo on Thursday that the top priority is protecting civilians caught up in the violence. She called it a “terrible, terrible situation.” Amos is in Tokyo for a […] Continue reading →

US pushes for truce as Gaza battle rages

 Israeli troops battled Hamas militants on Wednesday near a southern Gaza Strip town as the U.S. secretary of state reported progress in efforts to broker a truce in the conflict that has so far killed at least 657 Palestinians and 31 Israelis. Trapped by an escalation of fighting in Khan Younis, a town on the […] Continue reading →

US Aims at Blowing EU-Russia Rift with Downed Airliner

Effort to pull the Europeans into a more aggressive line Finian Cunningham | Strategic Culture Foundation The downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17 over eastern Ukraine with the loss of all 298 onboard comes amid mounting frustration between Washington and its European allies over the imposition of further trade sanctions on Russia.  Days before the doomed […] Continue reading →