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A Huffington Post Humanist Urges the Church to Stop Using the Bible as a Moral Guide

Michael Brown, It’s one thing when a humanist attacks the Bible. That’s expected. It’s another thing when a humanist attacks a Christian denomination for using the Bible as a moral guide. But that’s exactly what humanist author Clay Farris Naff did on the Huffington Post on April 29th. Naff was upset that the highest court

Jesus and Easter: Why the resurrection is the most important truth in the world

Bruce Riley Ashford, On Easter, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That much is clear. What is not clear to many people, however, is what the resurrection means to Christians and why we would make such a big deal of it. The resurrection only makes sense if we first understand what the Christian “gospel”

Sen. Schumer? Put Some Sauce on That

John Kass, New York’s Charles Schumer, boss of the Democrat minority in the Senate, is clearly under great stress, allegedly having screamed at a woman in a New York restaurant. But, hey, stress happens, especially when you start a partisan thermonuclear political war to kill the confirmation of a respected jurist like Neil Gorsuch to

Newt Gingrich: Health reform, The road ahead

Newt Gingrich, Friday’s decision to pull the House Republican health reform bill was not the end of health reform. In fact, it may have been the best step toward actually achieving real health care reform — if congressional leaders learn from the experience. The Republican congressional leadership erred because they decided to repeal and replace

University professor under investigation for reportedly holding mock slave auction

A Howard University professor is under investigation after he reportedly held a mock slave auction in class. Details about the incident first were reported by the Caged Bird, an online magazine that targets readers who are students at historically black colleges and universities. The professor, who is white, was reportedly teaching a lesson on Frederick Douglass’ slave narrative. According to the report,