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No Vote Fraud? Union Didn’t Get The Memo


In recent weeks, opponents of voter ID laws have escalated their attacks on the measures by claiming the common sense requirement that a voter be able to identify him or herself at the polls is a new form of Jim Crow. But because the measure applies equally to everyone and the Supreme Court has ruled

Iraq Sends Condolences to Bashar’s Sister


  The U.S. withdrawal from Iraq certainly has taken a toll in terms of influence. A day after a bomb killed the Syrian defense minister and the hated Assef Shawkat, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has sent his condolences (google translation here) to Bushra Assad, Bashar Assad’s sister. That’s right: After years of terror sponsorship—including helping

Iranian Arabic News Channel Reports Clinton Assassination Attempt in Israel

Iran’s Arabic language al-Alam news channel reports that there was an assassination attempt on Secretary of State Hilary Clinton during her recent visit to Israel. Clinton’s motorcade was allegedly fired upon while traveling on a road to Jerusalem. Read a translation of the al-Alam page here. The attempted attack was not reported by the establishment

Hillary’s Role in Obama’s Mideast Disasters

The Washington Post trod over some familiar territory this past weekend with a 7,000-word retrospective on the Obama administration’s Middle East peace process misadventures. The account strives to put President Obama in a favorable light. But even the most sympathetic narrative of this period must come to grips with the president’s blundering, most of which