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FAA lifts ban on US flights to Tel Aviv airport

 The Federal Aviation Administration lifted its ban Wednesday on U.S. flights in and out of Israel, which the agency had imposed out of concern for the risk of planes being hit by Hamas rockets. The decision was effective at 11:45 p.m. EDT. “Before making this decision, the FAA worked with its U.S. government counterparts to […] Continue reading →

Jeff Jacoby: No, Inverters Aren’t ‘Deserters’

 The corporate inversions just keep on coming, and the White House and its allies are calling them unpatriotic. But it’s a funny sort of “patriotism” that insists American businesses put the Treasury’s insatiable appetite for revenue ahead of the best interests of their customers, shareholders, and employees. The latest inversion — the term for a […] Continue reading →

IMF sees US growth at weakest since recession

 U.S. economic growth this year will likely be at the weakest pace since the Great Recession ended, the International Monetary Fund said, mostly because of a sharp, weather-related contraction in the first quarter. But the global lending organization said Wednesday that it still expects growth resumed in the April-June quarter and will remain healthy in […] Continue reading →

US pushes for truce as Gaza battle rages

 Israeli troops battled Hamas militants on Wednesday near a southern Gaza Strip town as the U.S. secretary of state reported progress in efforts to broker a truce in the conflict that has so far killed at least 657 Palestinians and 31 Israelis. Trapped by an escalation of fighting in Khan Younis, a town on the […] Continue reading →

Russia sanctions, Malaysian airliner: Who benefits?

Press TV – by Paul Craig Roberts  The unilateral US sanctions announced by Obama on July 16 blocking Russian weapons and energy companies access to US bank loans demonstrate Washington’s impotence. The rest of the world, including America’s two largest business organizations, turned their backs on Obama. The US Chamber of Commerce and the National Association […] Continue reading →

US Aims at Blowing EU-Russia Rift with Downed Airliner

Effort to pull the Europeans into a more aggressive line Finian Cunningham | Strategic Culture Foundation The downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17 over eastern Ukraine with the loss of all 298 onboard comes amid mounting frustration between Washington and its European allies over the imposition of further trade sanctions on Russia.  Days before the doomed […] Continue reading →

The Obama Doctrine

Sean Noble  Remembering back to any high school US history class, we can all recall hearing about the doctrines of various presidents. A doctrine would be the pattern of actions that came to define a given administration. The history of doctrines tends to remember presidents by their aggressive foreign policy stances, such as the Monroe […] Continue reading →

Neocons Get Ball Rolling On World War III

Treasury Dept. and U.N. sanctions on Russia tantamount to declaration of war  Obama, Hillary Clinton, the State Department, John McCain and others in government have reached the conclusion Russia was behind the deadly attack on a Malaysian airliner in Ukraine. They have reached this conclusion despite the fact the attack occurred less than 24 hours […] Continue reading →

The Dark Side of Open Borders and Illegal Immigration

 Establishment Republicans have become so worried about losing Hispanic votes that they are afraid to confront the illegal immigration epidemic head-on. Yes, the media and the left will drop the “racist” charge on anyone who favors enforcing the US-Mexican border to prevent thousands upon thousands of people from crossing the border illegally. We get inundated […] Continue reading →

Is Obama Waging Jihad?

Wayne Allyn Root  Not a week goes by that I’m not called or emailed by hundreds of fans who believe we have a foreigner and Muslim in the White House. I’ve disagreed for six years now. We have to take our President at his word. He says he is a Christian, he attends church, so […] Continue reading →