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Just-Revealed Major US Terror Ties of Oklahoma Beheading Suspect Are Truly Scary

 “Workplace violence” — that’s what many in law enforcement and in the mainstream media are still calling the brutal beheading of a woman in Oklahoma by a recent Muslim convert, despite new information that reveals the suspect’s apparently close ties to jihadist terror groups and events. Connecting the tell-tale dots in the life and activities of Alton […] Read More →

Obama says US ‘underestimated’ rise of ISIS, admits ‘contradictory’ Syria policy

 President Obama acknowledged Sunday that U.S. intelligence officials “underestimated” the threat posed by the Islamic State and overestimated the Iraqi army’s capacity to defeat the militant group. The president said in an wide-ranging interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” that the Islamic State militants went “underground” after being squashed in Iraq and regrouped under the cover […] Read More →

Monsanto GMO wheat contamination discovered in Montana

 Monsanto’s experimental genetically modified wheat has been discovered growing in the second US field in Montana, about a year after the discovery of the company’s unapproved crop growing in Oregon disrupted US wheat exports. The plants were discovered at a test site at Montana State University, where back in 2000-2003 Monsanto was conducting field trials […] Read More →

US-led strikes hit IS group oil sites for 2nd day

 U.S.-led coalition warplanes bombed oil installations and other facilities in territory controlled by Islamic State militants in eastern Syria on Friday, taking aim for a second consecutive day at a key source of financing that has swelled the extremist group’s coffers, activists said. The strikes hit two oil areas in Deir el-Zour province a day […] Read More →

Palin says all eyes on Kansas in US Senate race

 Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin urged Kansas Republicans Thursday to unify behind U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, alleging his independent opponent is trying to “snooker” voters in what has become a surprisingly close race. The 2008 vice presidential nominee donned an apron and flipped pancakes alongside the GOP incumbent, once considered a near lock for re-election […] Read More →

Your Health: Unlabeled Chinese Chicken Approved By USDA

Govtslaves – by Maryn McKenna  Catching up to this news, In a first, the US Department of Agriculture has given permission for chicken products processed in the People’s Republic of China to be sold in the United States without labeling that would indicate where the chicken products came from. The news was broken by Politico, whose writers […] Read More →

Conservative Perspectives on Immigration Reform

 In 2006, liberal documentarian Morgan Spurlock devoted a segment of his show 30 Days to the issue of conservatives and immigration reform. Spurlock chose as the protagonists of this one-hour episode, a family of seven people, some of whom were living in America illegally and some of whom were born in the US and were […] Read More →