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Restoring Educational Choice Means Ditching The Department Of Education’s Regulations

Robert G. Holland, For the Feds in the U.S. Education Department, ‘flexibility’ means there’s nothing left to lose. Flexibility is a quality Olympic gymnasts possess. When federal bureaucrats claim they are being flexible in administering massive programs of aid to elementary and secondary education, spectators would be wise to hold their chants of “USA! USA!

Americans want Trump to focus on healthcare first

Healthcare is the top issue Americans want Donald Trump to address during his first 100 days in the White House, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Thursday, an apparent rebuke of outgoing President Barack Obama’s signature reform, Obamacare. Some 21 percent of Americans want Trump to focus on the healthcare system when he enters


“You Don’t Use BleachBit For Yoga Emails Or Bridemaids Emails. When You’re Using BleachBit, It Is Something You Really Do Not Want The World To See.” Gowdy: Clinton Used Special Tool To Wipe Email Server By Louis Nelson Hillary Clinton’s lawyers used a special tool to delete emails from her personal server so that “even

U.S. Census Bureau helped racially target thousands of American citizens for armed government kidnappings, camp internments


The U.S. Census Bureau claims you are required by law to reveal your race on their (coercive) questionnaire, and Census Bureau workers can get ridiculously adamant about stalking you until you agree to fill out such forms (…). What they don’t tell you is that the data you voluntarily provide the Census Bureau may be

Government Documents Prove Domestic Drones Are For Spying On Americans

A data dump of government documents secured via the Freedom of Information Act shows that the roll out of domestic unmanned drones will, for the most part, be focused solely on the mass surveillance of the American people. The documents, from the Federal Aviation Administration, were recently made public by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Among

The Pro-Life Movement Must Disavow Akin Comment

Rep. Todd Akin has, unwittingly to be sure, harmed the pro-life movement, his senatorial race in Missouri, the Republican Party, and therefore quite possibly the nation. Every person who speaks or writes for the public will make an occasional faux pas, and sooner or later, will write or say something inappropriate. The game of “gotcha”

Feds seize $150M in Hezbollah terror probe


    The feds seized $150 million today as part of a probe into alleged money-laundering by a since-defunct bank on behalf of the Hezbollah terror group. The funds represent proceeds of an elaborate scheme allegedly perpetrated by the Lebanese Canadian Bank to funnel illegal drug proceeds to Hezbollah. According to the Manhattan US Attorney’s

Feminists Hit Back on Anti-Mom Amenities Implemented by the…DNC


[youtube]   Famous feminists aren’t too happy with what they’re calling “anti-mom” policies at this year’s DNC convention in Charlotte. The National Organization for women is accusing DNC officials of implementing rules that treat mothers of younger children as second class citizens. “Women are the key to a Democratic victory, and sometimes, children are

Wave of Anti-Putin Protests Hits the U.S.


While Friday’s sentencing in Russia of three members of a punk rock protest outfit was a travesty of justice–the girls were each give two-year prison terms–it also exposed the Putin regime’s thuggish tactics to a broader audience, making it more difficult for apologists to gloss over the government’s oppression. As Seth noted, Pussy Riot’s treatment