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The March for Life and the Anti-Trump Women’s March: A Study in Contrasts

Michael Brown, I’m writing this article on the eve of the 44th annual March for Life, but I can tell you in advance how it will differ dramatically from the recent Women’s March, organized in protest of the inauguration of President Trump. First, the media coverage of the events will be totally different. Whereas the

CNN Commentator Worries Trump Too Focused on America #Patriotism

Brendan Kirby, Former Obama adviser Van Jones says new president’s definition of patriotism is Petty. CNN commentator and former Obama administration adviser Van Jones worried Friday that President Trump’s inauguration speech means he will focus too much on America. Jones, who served briefly as “green jobs czar” under former President Barack Obama, expressed a dim

White Male Survival Guide 2017

Katie Kieffer, China got it wrong: 2017 is not the year of the rooster—it’s the year of the white male. 2017 is the year the white man takes back his worth. Black Male Supremacists. Unheard of. Brown Male Supremacists. Unheard of. Because it’s only trendy for American elites to bash white males. Especially white males

The 10 Most Annoying Liberals of 2016

John Hawkins, Honorable mentions: Samantha Bee, CAIR, Ta-Nesi Coates, Dixie Chicks, Bill Clinton, Ghostbusters 2016, Melissa Harris-Perry, Van Jones, John Kerry, Paul Krugman, Loretta Lynch, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, Harry Reid, Michael Moore, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, John Podesta, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chuck Schumer, Cora Segal, Martin Sheen, Jill Stein, George

Michelle Malkin: The Messy Truth About Van Jones

They never learn. The grand journalism pooh-bahs at CNN were humiliated this election cycle when WikiLeaks revealed that former CNN contributor and interim DNC chair Donna Brazile had shared a question with the Hillary Clinton campaign in advance of a March Democratic primary town hall debate. According to CNN, “activist anchor” Roland Martin and his

The Trump Victory and ‘Whitelash’: The Left’s Dilemma

Jack Kerwick, Though I find CNN’s Van Jones to be a man with few redeeming qualities, he may have stumbled upon an insight when he described the presidential election outcome on Tuesday night as the product of a “whitelash.” While people of every racial background and religion voted for him—Trump was as close to an

Liberal media types savage Trump, his supporters and the press for upset victory

Howard Kurtz, Things are getting ugly in the liberal precincts of the media. As the news business tries to grapple with the previously unthinkable—a Trump presidency—some of its left-wing practitioners are venting their rage, both at the country and at the press. Jamelle Bouie, an African-American and a top political writer for Slate, tweeted: “I

How Trump Can Win the Black Vote to Win the Election #TeamTrump

Roger L Simon, PJMedia the welter of cable commentary over Donald Trump’s overwhelming victories in the so-called “Acela primary” Tuesday, among the most startling was an aside by CNN’s Van Jones that Trump could win the election if he got just 25% of the black vote. Now this didn’t make the African-American activist who co-founded and is