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Tax and Regulatory Reform Will Mark the End of Obama’s War on Business

Larry Kudlow, On the very day President Donald Trump’s incentive-based tax and regulatory policies are put in place, Barack Obama’s war on business will have officially come to an end. No longer will American companies be punished by uncompetitive rates of taxation and unnecessary rules and regulations. Business tax rates are coming down from roughly

Sunday’s Debate, What Clinton and Trump Need to Prove On the Economy

Ian Salisbury,  Both candidates need to make a better case to voters. With many Americans still struggling to make ends meet, the economy is likely to take center stage yet again, when presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet for their second debate this Sunday. While Clinton was largely regarded as the winner at


“A day after Donald Trump highlighted the unfair use of the Value-Added Tax by America’s trading partners in the first presidential debate, Congressmen Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) and Walter Jones (R-NC) reintroduced the bipartisan Border Tax Equity Act in Congress to do exactly what Mr. Trump said should be done: negotiate a deal promptly with the

We Need A Tough Negotiator Like Trump To Fix U.S. Trade Policy

“We Need A Tough Negotiator Like Trump To Fix U.S. Trade Policy” By Wilbur Ross And Peter Navarro, CNBC, 7/29/16 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is threatening to leave the World Trade Organization and rip up agreements like the North American Free Trade agreement, and his critics predictably are branding him everything from “wrong-headed” to