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New Health Care Bill Shows Trump Bringing ‘Art of the Deal’ to D.C.

A bill to replace ObamaCare is expected to be voted on in the House of Representatives later today.  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) reacted on “Fox & Friends,” saying the passage of this bill will be an “extraordinary moment” and an example of President Trump’s negotiating prowess.  “If this does work, it’s a tribute

Bill Maher defends Ann Coulter in Berkeley free-speech fight

Liberal political comedian host Bill Maher said the University of California, Berkeley is the “the cradle for f—king babies” after the university caved to pressure and disinvited — and later re-invited — conservative commentator Ann Coulter as a speaker. “Berkeley, you know, used to be the cradle of free speech,” Maher said Friday on his

Photos of Iran’s new Qaher F-313 fighter jet prototype emerges

New photos emerged Saturday of a new prototype of Iran’s stealth fighter jet, previous models of which were mocked by aviation experts who predicted it “would never fly.”  The updated version of Qaher F-313 stealth fighter jet was unveiled during an exhibition for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, The Aviationist editor David Cenciotti reported. The exhibition showcased the

The Circular Firing Squad

Derek Hunter, President John F. Kennedy once said, “Victory has 100 fathers and defeat is an orphan.” This remains true and was on full display when the first attempt at repealing Obamacare was pulled before a vote in the House of Representatives. Since that moment, Republicans have reverted to their old ways and reformed into

Twitter explores premium version after 11 years as a free service

Twitter Inc is considering whether to build a premium version of its network aimed at professionals, the company said on Thursday, raising the possibility that it could collect subscription fees from some users for the first time. Like most other social media companies, Twitter since its founding 11 years ago has focused on building a huge

Actors swapped Trump, Clinton genders in mock debate – guess whose message won

Just before the second presidential debate in October, Professor Maria Guadalupe began to wonder what would happen if the brash, aggressive mannerisms of Donald Trump were emulated by a woman. Turns out the hypothetical candidate was a hit. In a bias-challenging twist, Guadalupe and another professor recently engineered a gender-swap exercise featuring a mock debate

GOP lawmakers get behind Trump immigration order reboot amid new legal threats

Republican lawmakers largely endorsed President Trump’s revised immigration executive order on Monday and suggested it addressed concerns they had about the original measure, even as a coalition of Democratic attorneys general and civil rights groups prepared for a new round of legal action. House Speaker Paul Ryan, who had voiced reservations about the original travel

House Republicans release long-awaited ObamaCare replacement bill

House Republicans on Monday evening released the text of their long-awaited ObamaCare replacement bill, calling to eliminate the various taxes and penalties tied to the original legislation while still preserving certain patient protections.    Aiming to deliver on their signature campaign promise after several election cycles trying to reclaim control of Washington, majority Republicans unveiled

Trump signs new immigration order, narrows scope of travel ban

President Trump on Monday signed a revised executive order suspending the refugee program as well as entry to the U.S. for travelers from six mostly Muslim countries, curtailing what was a broadly worded directive in a bid to withstand court scrutiny.  As before, the order will suspend refugee entries for 120 days. But it no