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NRA-Republican Backed Bill Makes it Easier for Feds to Disarm Citizens

Mises Institute – by Tho Bishop After all, the “Fix NICS” bill doesn’t seek to punish the US Air Force for its failure to properly process paperwork. Instead, it provides $760 million in additional funding for the Department of Justice to establish new guidelines to ensure compliance among Federal agencies. That funding can also be

Trump pledges reforms at Veterans Administration if elected

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sought to turn a scandal involving the Veterans Administration to his political advantage on Tuesday, pledging to war veterans that he would clean up a mess he blamed on Washington politicians. “Our debt to you is eternal,” Trump told a gathering of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Charlotte, North

Petraeus Gun-Control Effort Is Unhelpful and Untimely

Bob Barr,  Just a few years ago, General David Petraeus was a highly respected military leader; the commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, and later serving as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Sorrowfully, human foibles undid the Great Man — shamed and prosecuted for revealing classified national security information during an affair with

Abolish the Department of Justice

The Obama Justice Department has revealed its final descent into naked politics and totalitarian bullying. Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton, two transparently guilty criminals whose crimes are compounded by the fact that both are also lawyers, will face no indictments and no prosecution. The corrupt bosses of the Veterans Administration likewise face no sanction at

Obama Pentagon Bungling Shipments for Our Troops

Ken Blackwell  Once again, Barack Obama is showing his lack of serious concern for the military. Instead of court martialing Bowe Bergdahl, who presumably went AWOL in Afghanistan, Obama traded five high-level Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, for his release. The President used military pay and pensions as a political football during recent budget debates.

Here’s How the Movement to Impeach Obama is Exploding Right Now [VIDEO]

 There has long been a movement of people calling for the impeachment of President Obama, and as more and more scandals develop and come to light, the calls for impeachment grow louder. Those calls have almost reached a deafening roar after the latest two scandals, the interminable wait times for veterans at VA hospitals, and

SHOCKER: Obama Preparing To Attack Veterans

Kris Zane  Why would Obama’s Department of Homeland Security need two billion rounds of ammunition? Or why would the Department of Agriculture need submachine guns and ballistic body armor? Or why is Obama supplying 13,000 MRAPs—Armored mine resistant vehicles, valued at $500,000 each—to police departments coast to coast, free of charge? In a word: Veterans.

Bipartisan calls increase for Holder to investigate Ëślevel of criminality’ in VA scandal

Valerie Richardson | The Washington Times  Remember those who gave their lives for their country on Memorial Day, but don’t forget veterans who need their country’s help now. That was the message Sunday as lawmakers intensified calls for the Justice Department to take action in the Veterans Affairs hospital scandal, saying the accusations have crossed