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White House blasts Dem victory dance on spending bill

The Trump administration launched a full-court press Tuesday to defend the controversial $1 trillion-plus budget deal, after Democrats claimed victory in negotiations and conservatives claimed GOP leaders gave too much ground.  Critics complained that the deal announced Monday to avert a government shutdown would keep funding for Planned Parenthood and so-called “sanctuary cities” without funding

‘Life is winning’: Pence fires up March for Life crowd

Vice President Mike Pence fired up the crowd at Friday’s March for Life in Washington, telling the pro-life throng their movement is succeeding. “Life is winning in America and today is a celebration in that progress,” Pence said, speaking at the Washington Monument, before the march stepped off just after noon. “We’ve come to a

Vice President Pence to address ‘March For Life’ anti-abortion rally in DC

WASHINGTON –  Vice President Mike Pence has agreed to speak at Friday’s March for Life, the annual anti-abortion demonstration in Washington. In a statement, the March for Life says neither a president nor a vice president has ever spoken at the event, now in its 44th year. One of President Donald Trump’s top advisers, Kellyanne

Trump Team Reaches Out to Marine Vet Who Is ‘Out of Ammo’

Larry Elder,  Last week, I received this email from Rennae: “Dear Larry, “Larry Wayne Lindsey is from Colorado. He has been a staunch supporter of President-elect Donald Trump, who had a big rally on the state capital steps in Colorado, where Larry did security. “Larry is a Marine veteran who served with honor. He has