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How Reagan Dealt With Berkeley Protesters (VIDEO)

Daniel Greenfield, Back when California had sane leadership. That’s when Reagan spoke out on “The Morality Gap at Berkeley” There has been a leadership gap and a morality and decency gap at the University of California at Berkeley where a small minority of beatniks, radicals and filthy speech advocates have brought such shame to and

Video shows leftist activist attacking conservative college students

A leftist college student physically assaulted and cursed at a conservative leader on Wednesday, grabbing for the man’s phone multiple times in an attempt to prevent him from filming the exchange, according to video of the encounter posted on social media. West Virginia University Left Alliance president Kelley Denham was identified as the attacker by

Facebook LIVE VIDEO shows disabled man tied up, beaten as captors yell ‘F— white people!’

Chicago police were questioning four African-Americans Wednesday evening over a Facebook Live video that showed a mentally disabled white man being tied up and tortured while someone yelled “F— white people!” and “F— Donald Trump!” The video was shot by a young African-American woman who posted it on her Facebook account, Fox 32 Chicago reported.


“Today’s Reports That The FBI Has An Open Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation Shows The True Extent Of The Corrupt Clinton Cash Machine.” – Jason Miller “Today’s reports that the FBI has an open investigation into the Clinton Foundation shows the true extent of the corrupt Clinton cash machine. Even more concerning than that is

Trump: Hillary’s $12M Moroccan Pay to Play Scheme is Embodiment of Government Corruption

“One of the issues …is the issue of government corruption. I put forward a plan to stop it; my opponent has no plan to end government corruption because she is the embodiment of government corruption. Even as she was preparing to run for President, WikiLeaks emails show, Hillary was trying to get $12 million from

Political Coup Is What Is Happening To America Right Now (VIDEO), Martha Raddatz tries to mock the idea of election fraud, while Gingrich reminds her this country’s own history has proven fraud takes place. The former Speaker of the House didn’t hold back in describing the truth of what is now happening to the election process in America, including those who are responsible, and how

VIDEO: Again Sick Hillary Literally Croaks Like A Frog #HillarysHealth

Infowars, She’s having trouble maintaining human form! Despite being back on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton still isn’t well. She is seen coughing again — and covering it with the hand she uses to shake hands with voters.   Sick Hillary literally croaks like a frog. She’s having trouble maintaining human form. 😆 — Paul

Heckler Taunts Bill Clinton: ‘You’re a Rapist!’

Patrick Howley, Bill Clinton was heckled Saturday in Milwaukee with chants of “you’re a rapist.” Clinton taunted Trump, saying, “They had a bad day yesterday, so they’re trying to make it up,” referring to the Billy Bush lewd banter Access Hollywood video featuring Trump.   VIDEO: Bill Clinton reacts to a heckler shouting “you’re a

Trump University Judge ˜Should Recuse Himself’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” host Bill O’Reilly weighed in on the controversy brewing around presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments about U.S. Federal Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel, the judge presiding over the lawsuits involving Trump University. Although Trump has faced considerable backlash for his remarks suggesting a bias from Curiel