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George Soros and Obama’s Coming Crusade Against Trump

Ed Klein, In my last report, I wrote about Hillary Clinton and what she sees when she looks into her crystal ball and plans her future. This week, let’s talk about Barack Obama. After three short days in rainy Southern California, Obama escaped the weather and boarded Sir Richard Branson’s private jet for the British

GOP Primary Turnout Up 8.7 Million Votes, More Than 60 Percent in 2016 Versus 2012

Matthew Boyle and Andy Badolato, Breitbart  Newly compiled data after the New York Republican primary shows that among the states that have voted so far in 2016, GOP primary and caucus turnout is up well more than 8 million votes and well more than 60 percent over 2012’s process. Top GOP officials say that the

So I Guess It’s Open Season On Democrat Allies, Right?

Kurt Schlichter, I was super excited to find out about a bunch of liberal state attorneys general aping the Obama administration’s use of government power to persecute their political enemies. This thrilling development is awesome because it gives us conservatives the opportunity to do the same to liberals. Yeah, if the new rule is that

Americans show up in the Panama Papers, too

Kevin G. Hall and Marisa Taylor, mcclatchydc No politicians of note are in files but plenty of others Among them: Retirees, scammers, and tax evaders All find a use for secrecy of offshore companies The passports of at least 200 Americans show up in this week’s massive leak of secret data on secretive offshore shell companies.

Daylight saving time: Spring Ahead Set clocks ahead 1 hour

Spring is closer than you think, and here’s a sure sign: Daylight saving time arrives this weekend. Most Americans will set their clocks 60 minutes forward before heading to bed Saturday night. Daylight saving time officially starts Sunday at 2 a.m. local time. You may lose an hour of sleep, but daylight saving time promises

Drilling-Down On The Truth About Federal Minimum-Wage Legislation

Lost Horizons  Guess what? There’s mass ignorance and legal fraud involved… ONCE AGAIN, LIKE THE PERNICIOUS PERRENIAL THAT IT IS, the politicking for a “minimum wage” increase has resumed. Someone must have decided that the fed’s recent sustained intense monetary inflation (QE and other bailouts) has become inconveniently visible…   Needless to say, in the