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Virginia Democrat indicted on sex charges over alleged relationship with minor

Mary Katharine Ham,  While the national media is busy convincing the American electorate that the Supreme Court ruled that no one can ever touch a birth control pill ever again because the GOP hates women, let me present to you a story that would be a national outrage emblematic of half the country’s values…if it

Virginia Democrat Grills IRS Commissioner, Discovers Democrats’ 2014 Campaign Strategy

Duane Patterson,  What a grand day for the Democratic Party Monday turned out to be. Their soon-to-be supreme empress, Hillary Rodham Clinton, began the day with a print interview given to the Guardian that Ed talked about, where she tried to say no, really, we’re not rich, trust us. Even the Morning Joe panel on

Anti-Gun Democrat Says NRA Supporters Are œPure Trash

Democrats who support the anti-gun agenda of President Obama and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg seem to be unaware of the fact that nationwide support for more gun control is collapsing. Bloomberg thought that he could use millions of his own dollars to buy support for gun control, but his anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns,