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Texas Preschool Teacher Fired After Tweeting ‘Kill Some Jews’

James Barrett, An Arlington preschool teacher has been fired for posting anti-Semitic statements on social media. According to Dallas News, the teacher, Nancy Salem — who is a member of the notoriously anti-Semitic Students for Justice in Palestine — was recently fired from The Children’s Courtyard preschool after a watchdog group revealed that she had been posting disturbing statements online about Jews, including outright

Trump Delivers Closing Argument to Thousands After Midnight in Virginia

Joel B. Pollak, LEESBURG, Virginia — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump addressed a packed after-midnight rally at the Loudon Fairgrounds early Monday morning, in a speech he dubbed the “Midnight Special.” The text was Trump’s stump speech and closing argument — repealing Obamacare, “draining the swamp” of corruption, and building the “wall” — but the

Watchdog Alleges Virginia Prepping to Accomodate Mass Voter Fraud

Jim Stinson, Officials stockpile a million provisional ballots in swing state governed by a close Clinton ally. Virginia has printed 1 million provisional ballots, an unprecedented number that could allow a large number of previously disqualified felons to cast ballots for president in the potentially crucial swing state. So says Reagan George, the president of the

Donald Trump’s Pathway to Victory Expands

Matthew Boyle, NEW YORK CITY, New York — Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s pathway to the White House has significantly expanded in the past 24 hours with just ten days left until the election on Nov. 8, as federal law enforcement reopens a criminal investigation into his opponent’s illicit email practices. Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham

Republicans will recapture the U.S. Senate in November 2014

Grover Norquist This was made official this week by statistics and probability guru Nate Silver who called the 2012 Presidential election months before actual voting. Common sense confirms Mr. Silver’s prediction. Today, there are 45 Republican Senators and the GOP needs a net gain of six seats to win control of the 114th Congress in

How The Antis Are Planning To Push Gun Control In Virginia

AmmoLand Covington VA –-( FIRST – ARE YOU A MENTAL-HEALTH PROFESSIONAL? If so, VCDL is putting together a special committee to monitor mental-health bills that will be coming up in the General Assembly in January. We need mental-health professionals to read all of the mental-health bills that get introduced and to tell VCDL leadership if