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Republicans Pledge to Fight FCC’s Open-Web Rules

 Republican lawmakers pledged to try to overturn net-neutrality rules adopted Thursday by U.S. regulators, as a long-running battle over the handling of Internet traffic shifts to Congress and the courts. The Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines to adopt a sweeping measure to ensure all Web traffic is treated equally. The vote fulfilled a […] Continue reading →

Derek Hunter: Dear Mitch

Dear Senator McConnell,  I mean this with all due respect – you’re worthless. Actually, you’re worse than worthless; you’re the problem. You were better as minority leader. Your steering the Senate is worth than Harry Reid’s corruption. It’s almost enough to make me wish you could switch back places. What happened to all the tough […] Continue reading →

Here’s What the DNC Thinks Will Help Democrats Win More Elections

 The party’s post-2014 midterm election autopsy calls for a “values-based” narrative and more outreach to white Southern voters. Four months after losing the 2012 presidential election, the GOP released a 100-page ‘autopsy’ report, an analysis of what went wrong and how to fix it. Among other things, the autopsy said that the Republican Party was having difficulty […] Continue reading →

Walker’s 24% Leads Post-Romney GOP Field

Neil McCabe,   Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dominates a crowded field of GOP White House contenders with 24 percent of Republicans, but former first lady Hillary R. Clinton shows general election strength head-to-head against Walker and others, according to a Feb. 12-`13 Townhall/Gravis poll of 969 registered Iowa voters. In the previous Townhall/Gravis Iowa poll, conducted […] Continue reading →

It’s Wake Up Time, City Of Charlotte

Michael Brown,   In the name of anti-discrimination, the City Council of Charlotte, North Carolina is poised to discriminate against people of conservative moral values, also imposing the struggles of a tiny minority on every man, woman, and child who lives or works in Charlotte or might happen to visit the city. It’s wake up time, […] Continue reading →

New Hampshire Independents Uneasy About Jeb Bush

 The Bloomberg Politics/Saint Anselm survey found independent voters favor prospective candidates not named Bush, in both the primary and the general election. Independent voters in New Hampshire have reservations about Jeb Bush as a Republican presidential candidate, a worrisome sign for the former Florida governor that could jeopardize his chances in the state’s primary if the Democratic nomination stays uncompetitive. A Bloomberg […] Continue reading →

Federalism: Case for Reinvigorating State’s Rights

 There is an ongoing battle over the proper size and role of the federal government, especially as it relates to conflicts with state governments over legislative authority. Conservatives believe that state and local governments should be empowered to handle local issues such as healthcare, education, immigration, and many other social and economic laws. Original Constitutional […] Continue reading →

NBC News: Hillary Clinton isn’t just running for Obama’s third term, she’s the ‘incumbent’

Noah Rothman,  It’s been clear for some time that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not only run for the presidency but will do so with many veterans of Barack Obama’s political operation making up the backbone of her campaign. Though Clinton will inevitably position herself as a candidate advocating for a departure from […] Continue reading →

House Votes to Fully Repeal Obamacare, 239-186

Guy Benson,  The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has just voted to repeal Obamacare in its entirety: The comfortable margin comes courtesy of the GOP’s expanded majority following the 2014 elections, in which the party won their largest advantage since the 1920’s. Democrats and many in the media have ridiculed the GOP for bringing up yet another […] Continue reading →