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A Lawless President, Salting The Fields

Hugh Hewitt,   First, a programming note. The president addresses the nation tonight at 8 PM EST. My show will add an extra hour to collect reactions from callers and experts, and thus will be carried on most of my stations until 10 PM EST. You can listen online by clicking the button above or via […] Read More →

How the Youth Vote Failed Democrats

 Democrats needed a big turnout from 18- to 29-year-olds in this month’s midterm elections. Spoiler alert: It didn’t happen.  But there were some interesting elements to the failure. So before we move on to 2016, here is a quick survey of 18- to 29-year-old voters in 2014. These tidbits rely on — notably fallible — exit […] Read More →

In rare rebuke, Democrats shun Pelosi ally and back rival for committee leadership

Noah Rothman,  Democrats are reportedly fuming over Nancy Pelosi’s decision to deny Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) a proxy vote in House elections for leadership posts and committee assignments. Duckworth, a heavily pregnant double amputee whose condition prevented her from traveling halfway across the country to cast her votes in person, nobly deferred to Pelosi’s decision. […] Read More →

Senate blocks NSA phone records measure

 The Senate on Tuesday blocked a bill to end bulk collection of American phone records by the National Security Agency, dealing a blow to President Barack Obama’s primary proposal to rein in domestic surveillance. The 58-42 vote was two short of the 60 needed to proceed with debate. Voting was largely along party lines, with […] Read More →

No on Keystone pipeline _ but GOP vows replay

 In a combustible blend of oil and politics, the Democratic-controlled Senate rejected legislation Tuesday night to force completion of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Republicans vowed to resurrect the controversial issue soon after taking two-house control of Congress in January. The 59-41 Senate vote was one short of the 60 needed to clear the House-passed measure, […] Read More →

World Doesn’t Need More Democracy, It Needs More Freedom

CLASSIC FROM: 08/20/2002  During turbulent times like the present, Americans make fervent appeals to “democracy,” which they equate with freedom. President Bush is eager to impose democracy on Iraq and other countries whose governments he disapproves of. Woodrow Wilson only wanted to “make the world safe for democracy”: Bush wants to make the whole world […] Read More →