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VP Pence: No, I’m not planning to take over the White House

John Sexton, Vice President Mike Pence appeared on Laura Ingraham’s radio show today where he was asked about a couple tweets Julian Assange sent out earlier in the day. The tweets suggested that Hillary Clinton and “two IC officials” were pushing for a Pence takeover. Presumably that’s a takeover of the White House though nothing

Pence chides Associated Press for publishing wife’s email address

Vice President Pence lashed out at the Associated Press on Saturday for listing his wife’s email address in a story about his frequent resistance to public records requests while Indiana’s governor. Pence said in a tweet that by publishing his wife’s personal AOL email address, the Associated Press “violated her privacy and our security.” The

From a lassoed president to drunk VP, inaugurations have often been unpredictable affairs

Brooke Singman, George Washington had to walk home after his ended. A drunken mob wrecked the White House after Andrew Jackson’s. And legend has it that at his, William Henry Harrison caught the cold that eventually killed him. Presidential inaugurations – long known for stirring speeches and decked out galas – also sometimes bring about

Trump’s Cabinet: Speculation mounts over president-elect’s team

Donald Trump ran his winning presidential campaign with the help of a tight-knit circle of close advisers. He won’t have that luxury once he takes control of the federal government. Instead of an intimate cadre of family members and loyal aides, Trump will need to expand his circle – choosing over a dozen Cabinet secretaries,

Hillary Trots Out Al Gore to Highlight Tone Deafness

Edmund Kozak, Despite voters’ focus on the economy, former VP calls climate change the ‘most urgent issue facing our country’ In the heat of an election where voters are deeply concerned about stagnant wages, a increasingly dangerous world and a sputtering economy, Hillary Clinton dragged B-list political celebrity and failed presidential candidate Al Gore out on the

Media is Now Out to Utterly Destroy Trump, and they are Failing

Armstrong Williams, This election cycle, the media’s influence has extended far beyond their tradition roles as reporters and provocateurs to actually framing the public debate. By selectively releasing a decade-old ‘hot mic’ moment in which Donald Trump spoke in demeaning, graphic sexual terms about women, the media sought to circumvent the focus on the issues

Trump Launches Major Twitter Campaign Ahead of Debates with #BigLeagueTruth

Warner Todd Huston, Donald Trump has launched a social media campaign to help supporters keep the media honest for the next presidential debate with the hashtag #BigLeagueTruth, where supporters can act as a quick response team to debunk false accusations by the Clinton campaign or the moderators and the media. Supporters can go to the

Mr. Trump, it’s time for some debate judo. Here’s how to bring it to St. Louis

Stephen B. Meister, Hillary’s post-debate gains in some of the most recent polls show Trump missed opportunities and fell into traps she laid.  In preparing for Sunday’s debate Trump would do well to practice a little debate-judo.  (Full disclosure: I fully support Trump’s candidacy and in the past have served as his lawyer.) Having vanquished a large

Mike Pence for 2020: Has the next race for the White House already begun?

Jason Hopkins,  Pence’s decisive win in the VP debate seems to be giving him more than a pat on the back by the GOP. According to a newly released poll following his debate, the Indiana governor now tops the list of potential Republican candidates for 2020 should Trump lose this November. A Politico/Morning Consult poll

Our Kids’ Future Under Hillary ‘Would Be Awfully Dark’

Meg Meeker, MD, Lifezette Pediatrician, mom, and grandmother makes passionate case for voting for Trump, imperfections and all.  With the vice presidential debate behind us, let us hope that now we can hear more about, and focus on, the specific changes the GOP will offer us if Donald Trump gets elected. Seeing a measured and calm

Perfect Pence, Now that was a #Debate

Michael Reagan, The Mike Pence-Tim Kaine bout Tuesday night wasn’t the main event of 2016. It was what they call in boxing an “undercard” match. It was a contest between two natural lightweights – the VP candidates. There was no exciting 12th round knock out. But Pence and Kaine engaged in a good, spirited political