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United Airlines flies woman to San Francisco instead of France

United Airlines has found itself apologizing yet again, this time for sending a French woman on a 3,000-mile trip in the wrong direction. Lucie Bahetoukilae was recently scheduled to fly from Newark, N.J., to Paris, but instead found herself flying to San Francisco after she was inadvertently allowed to board the wrong plane, reports WABC. According

One killed, more than 100 hurt after train crash at Hoboken, NJ station

One person was killed and 108 were hurt after a crowded train slammed into a busy station in Hoboken, N.J., during the Thursday morning commute, officials said, vowing a full investigation into what may have triggered the crash.  The woman who died was standing on a nearby platform and hit by debris from the crash,

Officials probe bombings, stabbings in three U.S. cities in a 12-hour span

Nearly 40 people were injured Saturday after bomb blasts in New York and New Jersey and an ISIS-backed stabbing rampage in Minnesota, separate incidents that have cemented fears the United States is still a prime terror target. Authorities were still trying to determine if there was any connection between the incidents, particularly the New York

NJ Cops Indicted After Video They Hid Reveals They Beat Innocent Man & Filed False Charges

Information Liberation- by Chris  New Jersey police allegedly hid dashcam video from prosecutors showing they beat an innocent man on the side of the road and made up a host of false charges to try to get him imprisoned. After the video was retrieved through an open records request, all charges were dropped and the

Radio Station Meltdown: Was the NSA was censoring the show

RT News During a simple discussion of the National Security Agency’s surveillance practices, a US radio program experienced a unique “technological meltdown” on Thursday, prompting many to question whether the NSA was censoring the show. During an interview with Larry Klayman, the lawyer who recently won a preliminary injunction against the NSA’s bulk collection of

Several People Shot Near Empire State Building, NYPD Says

In this frame grab from WABC-TV, emergency personnel respond to reports of several people being shot outside the Empire State Building, on Aug. 24, 2012, in New York. Authorities say the shooter is dead. Photograph: WABC-TV via AP   As many as 10 people were injured, four of them shot, after a gunman opened fire