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Video shows leftist activist attacking conservative college students

A leftist college student physically assaulted and cursed at a conservative leader on Wednesday, grabbing for the man’s phone multiple times in an attempt to prevent him from filming the exchange, according to video of the encounter posted on social media. West Virginia University Left Alliance president Kelley Denham was identified as the attacker by

Gay Teenagers Raise Money For Planned Parenthood By Selling ‘P***y Pops’

Pardes Seleh, WARNING: Due to the subject matter, the following piece contains strong language. A contingent of gay teenagers who are displeased with President-Elect Donald Trump’s recent victory are protesting by selling “p***y pops” as part of a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. The vagina-shaped lollipops appear to reference Trump’s infamous “grab them by the p***sy” comment to Billy Bush–a

Russian ambassador to Turkey shot in Ankara, WARNING: video includes graphic images

A news photographer captured the moment a well-dressed attacker opened fire inside an Ankara art exhibit Monday, shooting and killing Russia’s ambassador to Turkey and wounding at least three other people in an apparent Islamic terror attack. Still and video cameras were trained on Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov, who was giving a speech when a man in


Early reports of a Japan earthquake Preliminary M7.3 of Fukushima Tsunami advisory has been issued (for Fukushima Prefecture … also for Aomori, Iwate , Miyagi, Ibaraki, & Chiba Prefectures) Residents have been urged to leave the Fukushima coast USGS reporting M7.3 67km northeast of Iwaki (on Honshu) Earthquake hit at 6:01 a.m. local time Depth reported

TAPE — Bill Clinton on Being an ‘Equal Opportunity F*cker’: ‘I’ve Got Good Taste’

Aaron Klein, Speaking during a recorded phone conversation with his alleged mistress Gennifer Flowers in December 1991, Bill Clinton stated of rumors that he had had an affair with an unnamed woman: “She was so good looking I wished it was true.” That conversation took place two months after he announced his bid for the

Update: State of emergency for Florida as Cat. 4 Hurricane Matthew closes in

Hurricane Matthew closed in on Florida Thursday afternoon as a powerful Category 4 storm as the governor urged people up and down the state’s 580-mile Atlantic coastline to get out immediately. CHANGES IN WATCHES AND WARNINGS WITH THIS ADVISORY…THE HURRICANE WARNING HAS BEEN EXTENDED NORTHWARD TO EDISTO BEACH…SOUTH CAROLINA. A TROPICAL STORM WARNING HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR

Hillary Just Issued This WARNING – Don’t Question Me About My Health Or ELSE…

Sierra Marlee,  Hillary’s famous fall back is the passive aggressive threat and she’s pulled it out once again. She threatened the media to “tread lightly” around the subject of her health. The unspoken “or else” was very, very clear. Isn’t it funny that every time the media picks up something less-than-complimentary of Hillary Clinton or

Egypt Charges Obama and Hillary with Conspiring With Muslim Brotherhood

 During the Arab Spring, the Egyptian people rose up and removed their President Hosni Mubarek.  Into the power vacuum that followed, the Muslim Brotherhood seized control of Egypt’s government.  The people quickly realize their error in allowing this, and overthrew them with the help of the Egyptian military. President Obama, whose meddling foreign policy always

Read Elliot Rodger’s Written Manifesto Is 141 Pages Long and Absolutely Terrifying

 Mediaite – by Andrew Kirell Those following the developments in Friday evening’s UCSB shootings are aware of the suspected perpetrator Elliot Rodger‘s frightening YouTube manifesto, describing his bitterness towards women and the men who are able to find a mate. As it turns out, he had also written a 141-page manifesto that lays out his grievances in

Video: Long Beach Cops Execute Unarmed, Fleeing Suspect, Claim They Felt Threatened

Eyewitness footage contradicts police statement Long Beach police worked in tandem with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to execute a fleeing suspect Sunday, later releasing a statement that has been contradicted by eyewitness footage of the events. This past weekend, Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were summoned to a Target store in Compton to