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Independence Day: What the Hell HAPPENED to America?

Washington’s Blog “We Have Become Such Grumbling Drones — Powerless, Passive, And Frankly A Bit Pathetic” Call me old fashioned … I love America … The Constitution and the Bill of Rights … The vision of the Founding Fathers … The “can do” American spirit … Americans’ ingenuity and creativity. WHAT the h@!! HAPPENED to us??? As one of the nation’s

So That’s Why They Kept the Drone Kill Memo Secret, Was kept secret until now

David Swanson | Washington’s Blog  Now that the U.S. government has released parts of its We-Can-Kill-People-With-Drones memo, it’s hard to miss why it was kept secret until now. Liberal professors and human rights groups and the United Nations were claiming an inability to know whether drone murders were legal or not because they hadn’t seen the

Int. Committee Doesn’t Care If Drone Targets Are IDENTIFIED Before ASSASSINATED

Washington’s Blog Matt Stoller – one of the best bloggers around, and also a fantastic researcher of Congressional records – tweeted this gem: Well this is messed up. — Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller) May 28, 2014 We hunted down the actual Congressional transcript, and Stoller is right: November 25, 2013, As Reported by the Intelligence (Permanent) Committee *** Ms.

Expert: Half of the Reactors Operating In The U.S. Do Not Meet The NRC’s Fire Protection Regulations

Washington’s Blog A Third Of The Reactors In The United States Aren’t Protected Against Flooding If An Upstream Dam Were To Fail … Another 27 Reactors Are Not Protected Against Earthquake Hazards” American Nuclear Plants Are In Danger of Melting Down The risk of a nuclear meltdown in the United States is even greater than it