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Democrats’ post-election playbook: Stay big in California

After painful November 2016 losses, Washington Democrats still appear committed to devoting resources to strongholds like California, instead of responding to party pleas to put time and money into Middle America to reconnect with disaffected voters. The contrast came into full view when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee earlier this month started moving senior staffers

Republicans block bill to renew expired tax breaks

 Senate Republicans blocked a bill Thursday that would renew more than 50 expired tax breaks affecting millions of businesses and individuals. The bill has widespread bipartisan support, but Republicans were unhappy because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., wouldn’t agree to vote on GOP amendments. A similar dispute derailed an energy bill earlier this week.

Senate ready to sink effort to boost minimum wage

 Hemmed in by solid Republican opposition, the Senate seems ready to hand a fresh defeat to President Barack Obama by blocking an election-year bill increasing the federal minimum wage. Democrats, aware that the measure faces all but certain rejection Wednesday in the chamber they control, plan to use the vote to buttress their campaign theme