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Wanted: An American Truth Commission

Diana West, Probably more than anything else, “Drain the swamp” was the slogan of the Deplorables in the final days of the 2016 presidential campaign. Candidate Trump introduced the phrase to describe his ethics program in mid-October, but it quickly came to sum up, part battle-cry, part prayer, the anti-Establishment fervor that would carry him

How the Tea Party helped Trump win the election

Jenny Beth Martin,  Now that the American people have hired Donald Trump and the Republicans to right the ship of state, it’s time to get to work. Trump’s stunning win on Election Night defied the pollsters’ expectations, conventional wisdom about how campaigns must be run, and even the Washington Establishment’s narrative about what it is,

Trumping the Establishment

Scot Faulkner, Why does The Washington Establishment hate Donald Trump? It is not because of his positions on immigration or trade. Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot advocated similar stands in 1992, and they did not generate the obsessive hatred being displayed in 2016. Trump has declared war on The Establishment itself. In his June 16,

Trump Tide Will Lift Entire GOP Ticket #TrumpTrain

Wendy Long, NY Senate candidate sees Republican front-runner as 21st century Reagan. The #NeverTrump crowd is running out of steam — and time. All of its attacks — that he’s as liberal as Hillary Clinton, anti-immigrant, or a con man who will say anything to be elected — have failed. But perhaps the most absurd criticism

GOP Washington Establishment Begins Warming to Trump #TeamTrump

CNN In February, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn bluntly said that a Donald Trump nomination could be an “albatross” to his Republican Party. Wednesday, with Trump barreling toward the GOP nomination, Cornyn was singing a different tune. “I think he could change the electoral map in ways we haven’t seen before,” Cornyn said when asked

Ted Cruz loses Wisconsin he will Need a Major Boost to Catch Trump

The upcoming primaries present challenges for the Texas senator’s bid to cut into the front-runner’s delegate lead. A win in Wisconsin, would “make a powerful statement all across the country” and “have a powerful impact on the states that are coming up.” Yet Cruz needs to prevail in Wisconsin if he stands any chance of changing