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Will Washington Republicans succumb to Beltway-itis?

Steve Forbes, You won’t find the disease Beltway-itis in a medical dictionary, but it’s nonetheless a very real affliction. In the heady government atmosphere of Washington D.C., policymakers, politicos and bureaucrats too often forget or even show disdain for the people they supposedly serve. The more time a person spends inside the Beltway, the more

Trump, GOP say convention ‘unity’ key in effort to defeat Clinton

Donald Trump and other top Republicans say they want the national convention that starts Monday to be a unifying moment to bring together a divided party and defeat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Trump became the party’s presumpitve presidential nominee in a stunning primary contest in which he defeated 16 major challengers with a message that

Priebus on Republican convention: ‘We’re ready for it’

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said Sunday the party is “ready” for the nominating convention this week in Cleveland, vowing that security is in place and presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump’s acceptance speech Thursday night will be a pivotal moment in the White House race. “It’s Thursday night, it’s Donald Trump giving that speech,

Trump tweaks his brand

Trump stormed the primaries by selling himself as a truth-telling firebrand ready to take a hard line on hot-button issues, even if it offended vast swaths of the population or many within his own party. He embraced the image of a self-funding candidate beholden to no one and promised war against the Republican establishment and

GOP mega-donor Adelson to give Trump up to $100 million

Billionaire Republican donor Sheldon Adelson is reportedly willing to give Donald Trump as much as $100 million for his presidential campaign — a purported record-setting amount for the wealth casino magnate. Adelson pledged the amount to Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, during a meeting last week in New York, two GOP sources told The

Confirmed: Cruz Vetting Fiorina for VP

Guy Benson, On Monday’s Good Morning America, ABC News’ Jon Karl wondered aloud if Ted Cruz might unveil his intended running mate later this week, reasonably suggesting that Cruz will find himself starved for positive media attention in the wake of another big Trump Tuesday.  Watch, then we’ll discuss: .@jonkarl says Ted Cruz may name a running mate soon to

What Michelle Obama would’ve said in her graduation speech

Josh Bernstein  Dear fellow students and future government dependents. It is my honor and duty to impart some words of wisdom from myself and the President. We are so proud of all of you now that you have graduated with your high school diploma in Democratic studies. As you venture out into your Common Core

Another Liberal Democrat suggests racism within GOP, drawing another sharp response

 New York Rep. Steve Israel said Sunday a significant part of the Republican Party is “animated by racism,” marking the third time in recent days that a leading Democrat has appeared to make race an issue and drawn a sharp response from Republicans. Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, whose major role is