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Wasserman Schultz grills FBI chief over Russian hacking issue in closed-door meeting

The former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee who was forced to step down last year over her own leaked emails grilled FBI Director James Comey Friday during a closed-door meeting on alleged Russian interference during the election, Fox News confirmed. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., served as chairwoman the for over five years but

Progressives without power: Hard time for the Sanctimonious White Lady party

Kevin Williamson, A very nice liberal broadcaster asked me earlier this week whether I am worried about the future of the Republican party. Funny question. There are 25 states in which the state legislatures and governorships are controlled by Republicans, and two states with executive/legislative divides in which there are Republican legislative majorities large enough to

Trump is a true outsider willing to Drain the sludge from The Swamp

Bruce Bialosky, Legend has it that the District of Columbia was built on a swamp.  Though only two percent of the area known as D.C. originally fit the definition of what can be called swampland, a lot of us think it fits that definition today.  The expression “Drain the Swamp,” which has been traced to

Jackie Gingrich Cushman: It’s All in the Emails

It’s less than a week before the election, and many of us are continuing to count down the days until this seemingly never-ending campaign is over. As the days dwindle, the chaos and carnage of the campaigns have seemingly accelerated. The race coverage has taken on a frenzied and frantic quality, which will accelerate and

Hack Attacks: From Colin Powell to the DNC, cyberthieves are driving our election

Howard Kurtz,  It suddenly seems that hackers have seized control of the presidential election. That’s disturbing enough. What’s worse is that Russian hackers appear to be in the driver’s seat. It practically makes Watergate seem quaint. Burglars associated with the Nixon reelection committee actually had to break into the DNC headquarters to gather files from

Democratic Party says it was hacked again, blames Russians

The head of the Democratic National Committee said on Tuesday the organization had been hacked by Russian state-sponsored agents who were trying to influence the U.S. presidential election, after a similar leak in July roiled the party. A link to the documents was posted on WikiLeaks’ Twitter account and attributed to alleged hacker Guccifer 2.0.

Wasserman Schultz fights to hold onto House seat, on big primary day

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is fighting Tuesday to hold onto her House seat after losing her post atop the Democratic National Committee last month over a leaked email scandal, amid warnings from her primary challenger that she’s taken her base “for granted.” First-time candidate Tim Canova, a law professor backed by Bernie Sanders, is trying to

Assange slams ‘incredible politicization’ of media covering campaign

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange criticized the U.S. media Thursday for what he called “incredible politicization” in its coverage of the presidential election. Last month, a trove of Democratic National Committee emails leaked on the eve of the party’s convention revealed a bias against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and led to the resignation of

WikiLeaks mum on source of damaging DNC emails, says real issue is proof Sanders ‘sabotaged’

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, on Sunday declined to say whether Russia was connected to the cache of damaging Democratic National Committee emails his group released before the start of the party’s convention. Assange cited confidentiality of sources, telling NBC’s “Meet the Press” that revealing who hacked into DNC computers, then leaked the roughly

RUSSIANS ňúLIKELY’ BEHIND HACK, FBI reportedly warned Clinton’s Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s campaign computers have been hacked, said sources who added Friday that the Russian government is likely responsible for yet another attack on Democrats. The newly revealed attack comes after computer networks for the Democratic National Committee and the party’s fund-raising committee for congressional candidates were also hacked. A trove of stolen e-mails from the party

WikiLeaks released audio files of hacked DNC voicemails: Now Available

WikiLeaks has released audio recordings of voicemails purportedly to and from Democratic National Committee members.  The bulk of the 29 voicemails published on the WikiLeaks website are messages left asking for calls back. One is a 16-second clip of a man and his young child talking about going to see elephants at a zoo. There is also a

Sanders Too Late to Swing His Supporters to Clinton

Rob Garver, The Fiscal Times  It’s beginning to look as though Bernie Sanders may have waited too long to start turning the battleship. The Vermont senator, who ran second to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, is trying to convince his army of passionate supporters to get in line behind Clinton and her recently