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If Media Covers Project Veritas ‘I Guarantee You Trump Would Win the Election’

John Hayward, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas appeared on Tuesday morning’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about his latest undercover videos, including one that exposes efforts by Democrat activists to incite violence at Republican political events, and another in which a New York City elections commissioner admits to widespread voter fraud. O’Keefe said he has

Watch Video: #NYCExplosion Was Islamic Terrorist Attack #Chelsea #Manhattan

Got News, The bombs were consistent with IEDs (improvised explosive devices), normally found in Iraq and Afghanistan. An unnamed NYPD source has told GotNews that the explosion in New York City today was the work of Islamic terrorists. Bombs were apparently placed in trash cans in Manhattan’s Chelsea district. Explosions injured at least 25 people.

Sanders Sells His Soul to The Queen of Wall St.

Joe Biggs | Infowars, Bernie betrays his supporters by backing most corrupt candidate. Video Below–  Selling Out: Bernie Endorses Wall Street HILLARY CLINTON HAS COLLECTED OVER $41 MILLION FROM FINANCIAL SERVICES FOR HER 2016 PRESIDENTIAL BID Hillary Clinton Has Collected $41,347,279 Million From Employees Of Financial Services During Her 2016 Presidential Bid. (Center For Responsive

Black Panther Whitewash, PBS lies about art designed to kill cops

Lee Stranahan, Editor’s note: Below is a video exposé produced by journalist Lee Stranahan on PBS’s deceitful portrayal of Black Panthers artwork that was expressly designed to incite violence and encourage the killing of police. The artwork and an interview with its creator were featured in the pro-Black Panthers documentary, “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution,” which originally aired in February

Trump Convention Manager: ˜There’s Not Going to Be a Second Ballot’ , Watch Video

Jeff Poor, Breitbart Following Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s runaway victory in the New York State GOP presidential primary on Tuesday, Trump convention manager Paul Manafort appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” to discuss the win and what will happen with the campaign going forward. Manafort said of the discussions about Trump’s opponent Sen. Ted

NEW CONTROVERSY REGARDING PHIL ROBERTSON: ‘You got to marry girls when they are 15 or 16′

 Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson wades into new controversy as he advises men to marry underage girls in newly unearthed video Video of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson telling an audience at a Georgia Sportsmen’s Ministry talk to marry girl’s as young as 15 has emerged The video dates from Georgia in 2009 and follows