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Watergate Commission

Divine Referendum

Barney Brenner, It’s hard to think of a better depiction for the current presidential race. We’re at a critical crossroad. Hillary Clinton would continue Obama’s abhorrent agenda for undermining the rule of law, eradicating our borders, and abrogating our freedoms. America would become a country our forebears wouldn’t recognize. A Trump win would give a

Charity Roast: Hillary is so corrupt that she got kicked off the Watergate Commission

Republican nominee jokes about locking up Hillary in epic roast. Trump, Clinton Share Stage at Annual Al Smith Charity Roast. WATCH: Donald Trump ROASTS Hillary Clinton At The Alfred E Smith Memorial Dinner (10/20/2016) – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Speech at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner in New York City (10/20/2016) – Alfred E.