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Congress Looks to Permanently Slice Government Red Tape

Brendan Kirby, Three bills passed by House would rein in regulatory state beyond just one administration. While President Trump is taking a hatchet to regulatory burdens with his executive powers, Republicans in Congress are pressing for legislation that would make it easier to fight red tape even in future administrations. Trump did his part this

Setting a Record, Obama Adds 527 Pages of New Regulations in One Day

Leah Barkoukis, President Obama’s time in office is coming to a end, but he’s not leaving before putting his regulatory footprint on nearly every aspect of American life. The Obama administration just put out 527 pages worth of new rules and regulations Thursday, making the total number of pages for 2016, 81,640. Since the working year

Federal Regulations Take $1.8 trillion bite out of economy

This article originally appeared on The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) this week released its annual Ten Thousand Commandments report on the size and scope of federal regulations. According to the report, federal regulations took a $1.863 trillion bite out of the U.S. economy in 2013. The report aims to establish a baseline for the largely unknown