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Soros Cementing Control Over Europe’s Left

Wayne Madsen | Infowars, Globalist trying to stop anti-EU populism. Global hedge fund tycoon George Soros, recognizing that growing numbers of European voters are turning away from the corporate-controlled “social democratic” parties, is reining in so-called “left” parties in order to cement his control over parties, including SYRIZA in Greece and Five Star in Italy,

Obama Flooding More U.S. Cities With Muslim Migrants

Wayne Madsen | Infowars, The death of American culture? Even in the face of coordinated jihadist terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota, the Obama administration is continuing to settle throughout the United States Muslim migrants from Middle Eastern and African war zones. Wayne Madsen Reports has learned from knowledgeable sources that the Obama

Previous unhealthy presidents make Hillary’s health worth investigating

Wayne Madsen | Infowars, Hillary’s Health Fair Game Given Past Presidents. Hillary Clinton’s press spokesman Nick Merrill responded in a Twitter message to an NBC News report about the Democratic presidential nominee’s ill health by tweeting, “this ain’t news . . . Get a life.” A spate of coughing fits by Clinton has resulted in

Bill Clinton Could Serve Third Term If Hillary Becomes Sick in Office

Kit Daniels, Several former first ladies acted as de facto presidents. Former President Bill Clinton could practically serve an unconstitutional third term as president if Hillary Clinton becomes sick in office if elected, given the previous first ladies who acted as presidents on behalf of their sick husbands. Former First Ladies Nancy Reagan, Mamie Eisenhower

Ohioans Fuming at Kasich’s RNC No-Show

Wayne Madsen | Infowars, There were no Bushes, Romneys, or McCains present either. The Republican National Convention that nominated Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States has come to an end. Clevelanders are happy that things will return to normalcy as street barriers are lifted, the heavy law enforcement presence ends, and throngs

Anti-Trump Neocons Push Outdated Cold War Fears

Wayne Madsen, Military-industrial complex thinks Putin is USSR. American propagandists have dusted off their old Cold War training manuals and are engaged in a renewed propaganda war with primarily Russia, but also with other foes of American neo-imperialism, including China and Venezuela. Unlike the Cold War years, the Obama administration has resorted to childish disinformation

Must Read: CIA Links Top Hillary Donor George Soros to Terrorist Bombing

Wayne Madsen,  Soros is a major contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In an era of growing “false flag” terrorist incidents, a formerly Top Secret Central Intelligence Agency document, the National Intelligence Daily of February 4, 1987, strongly suggests a George Soros connection to a terrorist bombing in what was then Czechoslovakia. 1986 to 1987 saw

Indiana Voting-Fraud Activist Behind Marco Rubio ˜Sex Party’ Leaks Found Dead

Kit Daniels, InfoWars Blogger who exposed voter fraud died right before primary. Voting-fraud activist Gary Welsh, who tipped off Infowars’ Wayne Madsen on Marco Rubio’s foam sex parties, was found dead leading up to the Indiana primary. Police found Welsh’s body in an apartment complex stairwell in Indianapolis, Ind., on May 1 and quickly ruled

Why Nancy Reagan Hated the Bush Family

Wayne Madsen | Infowars, “I never want to see the Bushes again.” Wayne Madsen Reports was told by a longtime national security aide to then-President Ronald Reagan that First Lady Nancy Reagan told White House staff that “I never want to see the Bushes again.” The comment came after Bush family friend John Hinckley attempted

Was Cruz’s father linked to the JFK assassination?

Wayne Madsen,  Cuban hired by Lee Harvey Oswald bears a striking resemblance to Cruz. Previous questions have surfaced about the 1960s activities of Rafael Cruz, Sr., the father of GOP presidential hopeful Rafael Cruz, Jr. (Ted Cruz). Based on the presence of the elder Cruz, an anti-Castro activist, in Dallas and New Orleans before the