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Arctic blasts causing heavy snow, freezing conditions across the U.S.

A pair of blasts of frigid arctic air have caused extreme cold and snowy weather conditions across the United States. The second such gust of arctic air began to move south from Canada on Wednesday and spread east and south across the Midwest and into the southern Plains causing dangerous conditions throughout the weekend, according

She’s Pathetic! Hillary Tried to Capitalize on a Hurricane Disaster

S. Noble,  Hillary Clinton wanted to take advantage of Hurricane Matthew and the large audience on The Weather Channel by buying ads but a furor arose and stopped her in her tracks. She’s deplorable. Hillary Clinton’s campaign said Thursday that they would be rolling back an ad buy on The Weather Channel in swing states as

Hurricane #Matthew Could Also Wreak Havoc on the Presidential Election

The storm, which could cut power in some areas for weeks, could alter voter registration deadlines. As Florida braces for the most powerful hurricane to hit the U.S. in 12 years, the presidential campaigns are grappling with how to address the storm—and the state’s looming voter registration deadline—without politicizing a natural disaster. Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby