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Undocumented student sues Wells Fargo for denying her student loan

Fellowship of the Minds Aside from this student’s immigration status, I’d be more concerned she won’t find a real job to pay back her loan, given the focus of her studies From Fox Business:  A federal lawsuit on Monday accused banking giant Wells Fargo of illegally denying student loans to young immigrants who are protected

Reasons Things Are Looking Up

Dan Celia, Americans certainly have many reasons to be optimistic about 2017, starting with the markets and the economy. After all, according to a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, post-election investor optimism hit a nine-year high during the month of November. This cannot be solely credited to the election, but it is the third-straight

The Coming ‘American Spring’

Bryan Crabtree, In the future, businesses will be forced to step in and provide services to their local communities that government is incompetent to do. Increasingly, government is becoming a regulatory body. Historically, government’s main role was to insure our security as well as help maintain an orderly system for innovators, creators and businesses to

U.S. mall investors set to lose billions as retail gloom deepens

The dramatic shift to online shopping that has crushed U.S. department stores in recent years now threatens the investors who a decade ago funded the vast expanse of brick and mortar emporiums that many Americans no longer visit. Weak September core retail sales, which strip out auto and gasoline sales, provide a window into the

A Hillary Clinton victory Would Tank the Economy #VoteTrump

Peter Morici, A recession is likely, but not certain, over the next four years. If Hillary Clinton is elected and cajoles Republicans in Congress to go along with a significant portion of her economic agenda, the odds and consequences of real damage are significantly higher. The current economic recovery is one of the longest but

Hillary Campaign Gouges Poorest Supporters

Kit Daniels, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was caught stealing from her poorest supporters who only intended to make a small, one-time donation. The campaign kept overcharging donors’ credit cards strategically with small arounds so their banks wouldn’t investigate the fraud too closely. “We don’t investigate fraudulent charges unless they are over $100,” a source at Wells

Where’s The Obama Apology Tour We Need?

Bryan Crabtree, In a recent trip to Laos, President Obama trashed the United States a total of eighteen times. He accused us of being lazy, ignorant, bashed the Republican nominee for president and apologized for our bad military decisions. He painted a picture of how we racially discriminate, mistreat women and have dropped bombs killing

Homebuyers With Another Shot at Low Rates Still Don’t Buy

 This was supposed to be the year that U.S. mortgage rates soared. Instead, they’re retreating. Interest rates unexpectedly fell this year after the Federal Reserve began scaling back the stimulus that held borrowing costs near record lows since 2011. After five weeks of declines, rates for 30-year fixed loans are at 4.12 percent, the lowest

Your Job Taught to Machines Puts Half U.S. Work at Risk

Who needs an army of lawyers when you have a computer? When Minneapolis attorney William Greene faced the task of combing through 1.3 million electronic documents in a recent case, he turned to a so-called smart computer program. Three associates selected relevant documents from a smaller sample, “teaching” their reasoning to the computer. The software’s