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Reagan Era, Simpson-Mazzoli Bill: A nation derided for doing the right thing

Wesley Pruden, Immigration, both the legal and the illegal kind, is destined to be a contentious issue in America forever. That’s the price of living in the place where everybody wants to be. This tempts some people to lead with their emotions when they talk about immigration. If you engage these folks in a conversation

And now the season of October surprises

Wesley Pruden,  An old story about Bubba’s purported love child in Arkansas has surfaced again, this time with a plea by a handsome, fair-skinned young black man, now 30 years old, to “meet my daddy.” The love-child story, with its history of charge and countercharge, heated and reheated in the incandescence of a half-dozen political

How Donald Trump could defeat Hillary Clinton #AmericaFirst

It’s a given among the tired, the poor and the voters tossed in the tempest of the presidential campaign that the noisy masses, yearning to breathe free of the smoke of battle, must resign themselves to the latest inevitability of Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump can’t beat her, neither can Ted Cruz, and John Kasich is