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Federal Court Blocks Trump Admin’s Second Immigration Executive Order

Ken Klukowski, A second federal judge—this one in Wisconsin—on Friday blocked President Donald Trump’s new executive order (EO) on immigration travel, while the federal judge who blocked the first EO is reserving judgment on the revised EO. Trump signed EO 13780 on Mar. 6, replacing his original order (EO 13769), temporarily restricting immigration from several

Judge To Leave Bench After Telling New Citizens They Must Accept Trump

Kevin Daley, U.S. Magistrate Judge John Primomo has been sanctioned by the district court for the Western District of Texas, after he told a group of new citizens at a citizenship ceremony that they should leave the country if they cannot accept President-elect Donald Trump. Chief U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia for the Western District

Federal judge at citizenship ceremony: If you don’t like Trump, then leave

Mallory Shelbourne, “I can assure you that whether you voted for him or you did not vote for him, if you are a citizen of the United States, he is your president,” Judge John Primomo said Thursday, according to KHOU 11 News. “He will be your president and if you do not like that, you

New York gun owners resist registry, thousands refuse to join Cuomo’s gun round-up prep

 Empire state politicians gauge gun registration deadlines come and gone and enforcement of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s landmark gun control law they say is unconstitutional and may cost him re-election. “New Yorkers are blind to how many people registered their ‘assault weapons’ by the April 15 deadline,” said William R. “Bill” Nojay (R.-Pittsford)  state assemblyman