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Spicer checks WH staffers’ phones for leaks, vows more searches coming

As the Trump administration hunts for the source of a series of politically embarrassing leaks that have plagued the young administration, dozens of White House staffers have had their phones searched in what is being termed “recess” compared to what may be planned, two top administration officials told Fox News. One official told Fox that

WH Vows ‘Emergency Stay’ of Judicial Order Thwarting Trump’s Immigration Order

Charlie Spiering, The White House issued a statement vowing to file for an emergency stay of a federal judge’s order to block President Donald Trump’s executive order restricting immigration and refugees from high risk countries from the Middle East. “At the earliest possible time, the Department of Justice intends to file an emergency stay of

WH backs Trump’s decision to include strategist Bannon at national security meetings

The White House on Sunday said the addition of President Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, to regular meetings of the country’s top national security officials was essential to the commander in chief’s decision-making process. Trump took steps Saturday to begin restructuring the White House National Security Council, adding the senior adviser to the principals committee,

Trump moving on NAFTA, won’t release tax returns; WH closer to moving embassy to Jerusalem

President Trump said Sunday that he’ll discuss immigration and renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement when he meets soon with the leaders of Canada and Mexico, part of a busy fourth day for his administration. “Anybody ever hear of NAFTA,” Trump said during a White House swearing-in of several top administration officials including senior

WH: Iran Working on Nuclear-powered Vessels Does Not Violate Our Nuclear Deal

Cortney O’Brien, Russia dominated the headlines last week, but Iran deserved to be on Page One as well. President Hassan Rouhani declared on Tuesday that his country would be working on a nuclear-powered vessel in retaliation of the U.S.’s decision to extend economic sanctions for another 10 years. That, Rouhani claimed, was a “violation” of the nuclear deal.  Did

Settling Scores? Trump team resumes battle with press, hints at WH briefing changes

President-elect Donald Trump and his allies are back to trading barbs with the press on several fronts, hinting at a potential overhaul of the White House briefings while sparring anew with reporters and publications that crossed them. The president-elect started his day Thursday with a Twitter swipe at Vanity Fair, saying the magazine is in

Trump shapes White House, hires establishment figure, firebrand

President-elect Donald Trump chose Washington insider Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff and firebrand conservative Stephen Bannon as chief strategist, showing a willingness to work with Congress and giving a nod to right-wing activists who helped sweep him into office. Less than a week after his upset win over Democrat Hillary Clinton in

Trump names Priebus chief of staff, Bannon senior counselor

President-elect Donald Trump on Sunday appointed Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus as his White House chief of staff. Trump also announced that campaign CEO Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, will be his chief strategist and senior counselor.  Trump said that Priebus and Bannon will work as “equal partners” — as they

Arrogant Obama Snubs Trump At White House

Amanda Prestigiacomo, On Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump met with President Barack Obama at the White House, in part to help start a smooth transition from one administration to the next.  Obama has recently praised former President George W. Bush and his staff for enabling a smooth transition for him back in 2008 and said he was going

Trump challenges legitimacy of election #OPERATIONRED2016

Donald Trump Questions the legitimacy of the U.S. presidential election on Saturday, pressing claims the contest is rigged against him, vowing anew to jail Hillary Clinton if he’s elected, and adding she was on drugs in the last debate. Not even the country’s more than two centuries of peaceful transitions of political leadership were sacrosanct as Trump accused the

Emails reveal Clinton camp’s scramble to craft, defend server story

Hillary Clinton’s top aides privately debated whether to joke about her emerging email scandal, if they should shift some blame to former secretaries of state and how to frame, explain and defend her use of a homebrewed server in a series of purported March 2015 emails revealed by WikiLeaks this week. The emails, which originated