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Has Political Correctness Gone off the Rails in America?

Philipp Oehmke, Spiegel Online Few terms are as divisive in today’s United States as “political correctness.” A concept that was intended to create greater freedom in the country may instead have resulted in the opposite. It also helped strengthen the right wing. It’s a Friday afternoon in Oberlin, Ohio, around one month before the country

Lee Harvey Oswald Was INNOCENT… He Did not have the ability to fire a precise Fatal Shot

Daniel Bates, But his sniper rifle WAS used to assassinate JFK as part of CIA plot, author of new study claims. Lee Harvey Oswald was not in the sniper’s nest from which President John F Kennedy was shot – but his gun was used in the shooting, a new book concludes. In a forensic analysis

Worldwide Popular Revolt Confirmed by Brexit Vote

Rick Moran, American Thinker Britain is leaving the European Union. But that reality doesn’t begin to tell the story of the larger historical forces at work that are reshaping global politics, the global economy, and global culture and have been for much of the last decade. The survival of the EU is actually of little consequence. The

Michelle Fields Is Not Black and Blue

Gavin McInnes, Taki’s Magazine When #TheDress became a viral sensation last year, you had people who were absolutely positive the dress was gold and white while others looking at the same picture were just as sure it was black and blue. It was a stupid meme, but it dominated the news cycle and had family members