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Liberal Crybabies Promote Trump Boycott

Devon Herrick, After their preferred candidate lost the election, many Trump Haters began looking for payback. They wanted Trump to experience as much pain, discomfort, and embarrassment as possible. Trump’s crime? His views are abhorrent to progressives’ delicate sensibilities. Progressives’ obsession with political correctness obligates them to pursue any opportunity to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. At

For Democrats, 2017 Will Be The Year of Living Stupidly

Kurt Schlichter, If you thought 2016 was packed full of liberal foolishness, just wait until you get a load of 2017. As 2016 ends, progressives enter the new year terrified that Donald Trump will continue to run circles around them, and their epic meltdown is only going to get more epically meltdownier. They’ve been shrill,

Trump’s ‘Cracker Barrel Crowd’ Delivers Victory

Bryan Crabtree, Have you heard it? The left-wing media has been quick to rush to the statistics to show how Donald Trump shocked the nation in winning this election, and it’s been an extremely bigoted analysis. Many of the experts who got it wrong for the last eighteen months have explained it by saying the

Whole Foods goes ROGUE¦ partners with Monsanto to kill GMO labeling

Natural News – by Mike Adams IMPORTANT UPDATE: Whole Foods was just caught blatantly LYING about everything covered in this article. CEO Walter Robb has been captured on video admitting total support for Monsanto-engineered GMO fake labeling law that kills Vermont GMO labeling bill. Whole Foods takes to social media to LIE to everyone, denying

Hemp Prepares for Prime Time as Weed’s Sober Cousin

 Mike Fata figures hemp could be the perfect food — if only people would stop snickering. Fata, the 37-year-old co-founder of Manitoba Harvest, has worked for the past decade on transforming the sober cousin of marijuana from the butt of jokes into a supermarket staple. The effort’s paying off. Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST), Safeway Inc.

Companies Squeeze 401K Plans From Facebook to JPMorgan

 Employers are squeezing their workers’ retirement savings, holding back on both the amount and the timing of 401(k) matching funds and dragging out vesting schedules. Taken together, these measures are making it more difficult to save for old age. Major companies that have engaged in such practices in recent years include Whole Foods Market Inc.

Nationally mandated GMO labeling, Free market, consumer activism winning America’s food fight

By Shelby Sebens,   While lawmakers battle corporate food giants and anti-genetically modified food activists over government mandated labeling, the free market is one step ahead of them all. So far, California and Washington have failed to pass government mandated GMO labeling, and Oregon will be the next to take it to the ballot. Federal lawmakers,

Whole Foods Caught in False Advertising Scandal

Admitted presence of GMO ingredients on store shelves contradicts claim of ‘nothing artificial ever’ Take a look at this mural, painted on the side of one of Whole Foods’ Austin locations: It brags, ‘Nothing Artificial Ever,’ but the admitted GMO ingredients sold on store shelves could never be considered to be anything but man-made freaks