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Supremely Wrong Court Protects Gosnells Instead Of Women’s Health

Ryan Bomberger, Maybe it’s the robes that give five people the misimpression that they’re magicians. Who needs the Constitution when a handful of supremely powerful justices can magically create their own laws, conjuring up legislation in the guise of a judgment? In Whole Woman’s Health versus Hellerstedt, Justice Breyer invokes the word “Constitution” 103 times

The Supreme Court is moving left. Here’s why.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s strange 2015 term ended this week in a flurry of dysfunction on difficult issues (the inability to rule on President Barack Obama’s immigration orders), interspersed with predictable decisions (the unanimous stay-out-of-jail pass for the unethical but no longer felonious former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell). Most intriguingly, though, the term marked the

Supreme Court firmly backs abortion rights, tosses Texas law

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday struck down a Texas abortion law imposing strict regulations on doctors and facilities in the strongest endorsement of abortion rights in America in more than two decades. The 5-3 ruling held that the Republican-backed 2013 Texas law placed an undue burden on women exercising their right under the U.S.