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Shining a Light on Midnight Regulations

Jeff Stier, Presidents from both parties have historically ramped up regulations as lame ducks. But, especially for controversial policies published in not only the final months and weeks, but days and hours, of an administration, extra scrutiny is needed. Much has been made about the unprecedented number of Obama Administration “midnight regulations,” those rules issued

Some federal agencies rush to make new hires ahead of Trump, vowed hiring freeze

Federal agencies are speeding up hiring in the last days of the Obama administration, ahead of President-elect Donald Trump entering the White House and imposing the hiring freeze he has promised, according to The Washington Post. Several agencies are filling vacant positions with new hires and transfers before Trump, a Republican, takes office January 20,

The true villains behind the Gibson Guitar raid are revealed

 Time to revisit an old abuse-of-power scandal from President Obama’s first term: the utterly bizarre raid on Gibson Guitars by a paramilitary unit of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Nothing about this caper ever smelled right: a raid coming from out of nowhere, without warning, to kick Gibson’s doors down, ostensibly because they violated

Rural Western America: Federal Agencies Choking Off The Farming Industry

 Good news: the U.S. Department of Agriculture has published research indicating that there are lots of un-filled jobs and career opportunities in the farming industry. Bad news: the Obama Administration has been cannibalizing the nation’s farmers for the bigger part of the last six years. First the good news. According to a report at CNBC.Com,

Sleep Soundly, America: 81-Year-Old Lady Jailed for Feeding Birds

The Daily Sheeple – by Melissa Melton  That’s right. An elderly woman violated her probation by leaving bread crumbs out in her yard for crows and will remain behind bars.   Eighty-one-year-old Mary Musselman was first arrested last month for feeding bears in her backyard. One of the bears was euthanized over it because the Fish and Wildlife