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Hillary’s severe character deficiencies continue to hurt her campaign

In 1996, The New York Times columnist William Safire diagnosed Hillary Clinton’s real problem. He called her a “ congenital liar.” Congenital is defined as “having by nature a specified character.” Following Hillary Clinton’s health scare Sunday in New York, we may have reached the conclusion author Mary McCarthy did when speaking of playwright Lillian

Hillary’s With Us┬ŽIf You Break The Rules (Lying Edition)

The Clinton-Kaine Ticket Is Running To Keep Things Just The Way They Are, And That’s The Problem. Clinton Has Spent The Last 25 Years Lying To The American People The Associated Press Headline: “But Is She Honest? Caring? Clinton Grapples With Questions” (Julie Pace, “But Is She Honest? Caring? Clinton Grapples With Questions,”The Associated Press,2/10/16)