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Johnson-Weld the Illibertarian Joke

Arthur Schaper, I cannot hide my schadenfreude about the Election 2016 Libertarian ticket. Gary Johnson and William Weld should call themselves the LINO team. They are completely “Libertarian in Name Only.” Gary Johnson loves his open borders, and he has embraced Barack Obama’s executive amnesty. What a joke! This guy flew off the handle when

Listen to the Libertarians

Jacob Sullum, The matchup between Hillary Clinton, one of the most uptight politicians ever, and Donald Trump, a loose-lipped lunatic who revels in saying whatever pops into his head, promises some entertaining presidential debates. But Americans who would like to see a clash of ideas, as well as a clash of styles, should hope the

William Weld for VP? He’d Get My Vote #TeamTrump

Jeff Jacoby, William Weld ran for governor of Massachusetts in 1990 on a platform of unabashed libertarian conservatism, and for one brief shining moment after taking office in January 1991, he actually seemed to mean it. In his inaugural address, he declared that the people of Massachusetts had “voted to disenthrall themselves from the failed