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Pence, Kaine face off amid top-of-ticket turmoil

After a week of roiling presidential race controversies — including the release of Donald Trump’s tax returns and Hillary Clinton’s unflattering portrayal of millennial voters — their running mates meet Tuesday for a debate where they hope to steady their respective campaigns and launch their own offensives. Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence so

Hillary Tries to Drag America Back to 1964 to Defeat Trump

Jim Stinson, Clinton, already candidate of the status quo, deploys tactics Democrats have been using for 52 years. In case you were wondering why Democrats have been trying so hard to use disunity and even the Ku Klux Klan against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, it’s because it’s a proven tactic for the Democrats and their media allies.

You’ll Never Guess Who’s On The Clintons’ Enemies List

Floyd Brown Holiday weekends often produce unusual news.  For me, this Easter weekend was especially strange. You see, late on Friday, the Clinton Presidential Library released some documents that revealed something I’ve known for decades but had trouble proving… My name was on the Clinton White House’s list of spies and enemies. Now, such lists