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Kaine, Pence trade blows over “insult-driven” Campaigns at #VPdebate

Mike Pence and Tim Kaine scrambled to defend their running mates’ temperament and judgment at their first and only face-off Tuesday night – an unruly 90-minute session in which the vice presidential candidates routinely talked over each other – and the moderator – as they channeled some of the feistiness from last week’s opening presidential

Walker plays Kaine in debate preps for Pence

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is playing the role of Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine in debate preps for Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence, Fox News confirmed Saturday. A source for the Trump-Pence campaign said Walker has been and will be portraying Kaine, the senator from Virginia, in upcoming mock debates. The source also said Pence,

Redeclaration of Independence

Arthur Schaper, It’s the Fourth of July. Happy Independence Day! I embrace the opportunity to share necessary insights on our country’s sovereign legacy, and the sobering challenges facing it. Our American culture is getting overrun, sadly, by radicals determined to displace or redefine independence. Instead of recognizing liberty as protection from arbitrary force, the term

Debbie Does Democrats Wrong (Reince Does Republicans Right)

Arthur Schaper, There is nothing like watching the extravagant implosion of one’s enemies. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, is going up in smoke, Bern-ing away (yes, you read that right!). Some Democrats want her out. The Bernie Sanders supporters want her to pound sand. For all the trash-talk about a

Trump’s Winning Pick for VP

Jon Conradi, The best choice to unite party isn’t one based on identity politics. The media circus of speculation is swirling over who will take a position beside Donald Trump as his vice presidential nominee. Much of that speculation follows the same tired logic of the last two failed Republican bids for the White House

Donald Trump on Wisconsin Primary: ˜We’re Going to Have a Surprise Tonight’ #Vote

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump joined Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” from a diner in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin where he was meeting and talking with voters ahead of the Badger state primary Tuesday night. “I think we’re going to have a surprise tonight,” the real estate mogul predicted, adding, “Everybody likes Trump” in the diner this morning. “I think we’re

Palin calls on Republicans to unify behind Trump candidacy at GOP dinner

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin went to bat for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump at the Milwaukee County GOP dinner Friday night. Palin called on Republicans to unify behind Trump’s candidacy. She said he’s the only candidate who understands that “common sense is an endangered species in Washington.” She also touted Trump as the only

Sen. Paul keeps pole position in 2016 GOP presidential field

Seth McLaughlin,  A new nationwide poll found that Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee are leading the field of potential 2016 presidential candidates. Mr. Paul and Mr. Huckabee won support from 13 percent of those surveyed, while former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was nipping at their heels with 11 percent. New

GOP hopefuls betting on mega donor in Vegas

 A slate of potential Republican presidential candidates is descending upon Las Vegas to court one of the GOP’s most powerful patrons. Republican super donor Sheldon Adelson is the main attraction for White House hopefuls as the Republican Jewish Coalition begins its annual “spring leadership meeting” Thursday along the city’s storied strip, the site of Adelson’s