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Ex-Trump adviser Carter Page rips ‘false narrative’ on Russia collusion

Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne, Christopher Wallace, Former Trump adviser Carter Page, in a wide-ranging interview with Fox News, decried what he described as “propaganda” driven by a “false narrative” regarding his 2016 contacts with Russian officials, denying that he ever worked with them to help the campaign. Page is one of several Trump associates

Nunes says information from Trump surveillance ‘concerned me’

A key lawmaker who went public this week with charges the Obama administration collected and spread information from surveillance of President Trump’s transition team said Friday documents he’s been shown “concerned me.” “There’s some information in those documents that concerned me and I don’t think belonged in there,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif.,

An FBI-Investigated Islamist Takes Over the Vermont Democrats

Daniel Greenfield, A Norquist Islamist reinvents himself as a Bernie leftist. Vermont Democrats have something else to celebrate besides the creation and failure of the first statewide socialized medicine system in America. Recovering from that glorious triumph, Vermont Democrats have elected their first Muslim state party chairman. The lucky fellow is Faisal Gill who called

The Dirty Dem Dogs of Disruption

Michelle Malkin, Here come the hyper-partisan hounds. A new nonprofit called American Oversight launched this week to combat President Trump’s “culture of impunity.” The outfit declared itself “nonpartisan” and claims its crusaders will fight for a “transparent and ethical government.” But like Waylon Jennings once crooned, “Baby, that dog won’t hunt.” These Democrat operatives aren’t

Democratic War Room Expands With Plans To Scrutinize, Stop Hundreds Of Trump Appointees

Pamela Geller, It’s time for Trump and his administration go on the offense. Playing defense is not a strategy, it’s a recipe for failure. No war is ever won on the defense. And the left-wing is at war with us. It’s time for Trump’s Department of Justice to go after and prosecute Hillary Clinton, Eric

GOP ObamaCare “Repeal:” A “Screw-Up” Beyond All Recognition

Michael Hammond, After a month of screwing around, the House is finally moving on February 28 on its first health care-related bill: H.R. 372, which would EXPAND federal anti-trust jurisdiction over health care insurers. Which is being offered as a free-standing bill. On the proposition that more federal government control will force insurance companies to