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CDC’s Ebola ‘Go’ Team Sprints to New York

 Start packing for New York, the “go” team from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was told. A doctor there was back from a West African hot zone with Ebola-like symptoms, and was in a city hospital. The disease experts traveling tonight are Pierre Rollin, who the CDC calls the world’s top expert […] Read More →

Why Narratives Are More Powerful Than Ideas

Jonah Goldberg,   There is an enormous amount of whining these days about our ideological debates. This gets the problem wrong. Ideological debates are fought over ideas, but politics is more often about competing stories, or, as the eggheads call them, “narratives.” Much has been written about the power of ideas. “The ideas of economists and […] Read More →

Moscow Just Took a Quantum Leap Into the Future

The Wealth Watchman  On the Topic of Russia, my brothers, I thought it would be an excellent time to go through some of the newest, crucial headlines from that land, with an eagle eye.  These headlines are striking affirmations, that further validate that what we’ve been saying here at the Truth HQ, is 100% on the […] Read More →

Walter E. Williams: Embarrassing Economists

 So as to give some perspective, I’m going to ask readers for their guesses about human behavior before explaining my embarrassment by some of my fellow economists. Suppose the prices of ladies jewelry rose by 100 percent. What would you predict would happen to sales? What about a 25 or 50 percent price increase? I’m […] Read More →

What Minecraft is teaching your kids about money

 If your kids are chattering non-stop about things like emeralds, pickaxes and creepers, you may have a unique opportunity to turn a video game addiction into a life lesson about money. Minecraft, a video game phenomenon with over 100 million users, is such a hot property that Microsoft Corp recently forked out $2.5 billion for […] Read More →

Samsung reveals the Galaxy S5 Plus, the “world’s fastest Android smartphone”

 In a move very quiet and atypical for Samsung, the global electronics company has launched the Galaxy S5 Plus smartphone, which Forbes calls the “Android world’s fastest smartphone,” and maybe rightfully so. The refresh is fairly straightforward: replacing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, they’ve put in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 chipset instead– the same hardware found in the Galaxy […] Read More →

Thomas Sowell: Predatory Journalism

 The New York Times is again on the warpath against what it calls “predatory lending.” Just what is predatory lending? It is lending that charges a higher interest rate than people like those at the New York Times approve of. According to such thinking — or lack of thinking — the answer is to have […] Read More →

Dallas Relieved as 43 Cleared of Ebola Infection Risk

 With the first 43 people who had contact with deceased Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan now cleared from close monitoring, Dallas-area officials are “breathing a lot easier” for the first time in weeks. “It’s a good day,” added Judge Clay Jenkins, Dallas County’s highest-ranking elected official, who announced the end of the monitoring today. “This […] Read More →

Fighting Ebola with a Little Communism

Michael Schaus,   Cuba to the rescue… That’s right: The communist Caribbean country is stepping up to help fight Ebola in Africa. In fact, the actions from Cuba have even generated praise from the US Secretary of State, John Kerry. Fidel Castro announced his nation’s cooperation with the US in a state run news outlet (duh… […] Read More →

The Roots of Reckless Hate: Overcoming Jihad

Joshua Holdenried, The barbarians are at the gates. The thunder of battle echoes throughout the city. Women and children unable to flee face the inevitable slaughter. Capable allies observe from afar, apparently unwilling to prevent the impending destruction. Hopeless, a soldier turns to his companions and asks, “So much death… what can men do against […] Read More →

Is Ebola the real ‘World War Z?’ (Spoiler alert: It’s not)

By Max Brooks,  In 2006, I released a novel about a global zombie plague that drives humanity to the brink of extinction. While the zombies may have been fake, I tried to anchor the human response (political-military-economic-cultural) in reality. I studied the history of pandemics, natural disasters and industrialized warfare. I interviewed doctors, soldiers, journalists […] Read More →

Army Officer Reveals How Barack Obama Has the US Army in a “Death Spiral”

 It’s no secret that Obama has had a very contentious relationship with the military. From ignoring and disregarding his military advisors, to openly disrespecting our men and women in uniform. Now comes word that the Army’s manufacturing capacity is in a “death spiral.” (H/T Western Journalism) Heidi Shyu, who is the Army’s assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics, […] Read More →