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Dallas Relieved as 43 Cleared of Ebola Infection Risk

 With the first 43 people who had contact with deceased Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan now cleared from close monitoring, Dallas-area officials are “breathing a lot easier” for the first time in weeks. “It’s a good day,” added Judge Clay Jenkins, Dallas County’s highest-ranking elected official, who announced the end of the monitoring today. “This […] Read More →

Fighting Ebola with a Little Communism

Michael Schaus,   Cuba to the rescue… That’s right: The communist Caribbean country is stepping up to help fight Ebola in Africa. In fact, the actions from Cuba have even generated praise from the US Secretary of State, John Kerry. Fidel Castro announced his nation’s cooperation with the US in a state run news outlet (duh… […] Read More →

The Roots of Reckless Hate: Overcoming Jihad

Joshua Holdenried, The barbarians are at the gates. The thunder of battle echoes throughout the city. Women and children unable to flee face the inevitable slaughter. Capable allies observe from afar, apparently unwilling to prevent the impending destruction. Hopeless, a soldier turns to his companions and asks, “So much death… what can men do against […] Read More →

Is Ebola the real ‘World War Z?’ (Spoiler alert: It’s not)

By Max Brooks,  In 2006, I released a novel about a global zombie plague that drives humanity to the brink of extinction. While the zombies may have been fake, I tried to anchor the human response (political-military-economic-cultural) in reality. I studied the history of pandemics, natural disasters and industrialized warfare. I interviewed doctors, soldiers, journalists […] Read More →

Army Officer Reveals How Barack Obama Has the US Army in a “Death Spiral”

 It’s no secret that Obama has had a very contentious relationship with the military. From ignoring and disregarding his military advisors, to openly disrespecting our men and women in uniform. Now comes word that the Army’s manufacturing capacity is in a “death spiral.” (H/T Western Journalism) Heidi Shyu, who is the Army’s assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics, […] Read More →

Political Correctness and Ebola

Jack Kerwick,   That there is a sensationalistic dimension to the Ebola coverage is something of which I have no doubt. Sensationalizing events is what the media does best. There may even be a sense in which it can be said that sensationalism is intrinsic to mass media. Sensationalism serves the interests of two groups of […] Read More →

Muhammad and Islam’s sex slaves

Raymond Ibrahim, This article is from FrontPage Magazine.  Once again, Islamic State Muslims are pointing to Islam in order to justify what the civilized world counts as atrocities. According to an October 13 report in the Telegraph, Islamic State jihadists have given detailed theological reasons justifying why they have taken thousands of women from the Iraqi Yazidi minority […] Read More →

WHO Response to Ebola Outbreak Foundered on Bureaucracy

 Poor communication, a lack of leadership and underfunding plagued the World Health Organization’s initial response to the Ebola outbreak, allowing the disease to spiral out of control. The agency’s reaction was hobbled by a paucity of notes from experts in the field; $500,000 in support for the response that was delayed by bureaucratic hurdles; medics […] Read More →

Derek Hunter: Why The Future Is So Screwed

Media people love to appoint people they like to positions of influence. Just look at Jon Stewart.  “The Daily Show” draws fewer viewers than reruns of “The Family Guy” on the Cartoon Network, but you’d think he was the biggest name on cable if you went by how much coverage he gets. Magazine covers, gushing […] Read More →

Startling Report: WHO – 1 In 20 Ebola Infections Are Contagious For 42 Days

Crashcade – by Liberty Balance  Startling Ebola news out this morning 1 in 20 people are infectious for up to 42 days. A 42-day observation period with no new outbreaks is required before declaring the outbreak is under control. In  WHO’s own words: WHO is therefore confident that detection of no new cases, with active surveillance in place, throughout […] Read More →