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Betsy DeVos Is A Fighter And A Winner

Paul Greenberg,  Long before there was a Department of Education, with all its rules and regs and general rigmarole, there was an institution that combined all those functions and did it with a devotion no government agency could match. It was and still is called the American family, and the incoming secretary of education believes

Charter School Movement Still Going Strong After 25 Years

Teresa Mull,  Twenty-five years ago, Minnesota became the first state in the nation to enact legislation allowing charter schools. A year after the law passed, City Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota became the first charter school to open its doors in the United States. Milo Cutter, the director at City Academy and one of its

Private Investigator Susan Daniels Debunks Obot Myth That Zip Code Clerical Error Caused Obama To Be Issued A Connecticut Social Security Number

What about the zip code? People have only one way to try to attack my investigation regarding Barack Obama’s fraudulent Connecticut (CT) social security number. They try to say that the zip code on Obama’s application was changed as the result of a typo, which explains how he was assigned a number that was reserved