Tea Party group actively looking for candidate to primary Boehner

 The search to find a candidate who can primary Boehner is on but they don’t have much time to get this together, according to Breitbart:

The Tea Party Leadership Fund will announce on Friday an effort it plans to undertake to search for a candidate to primary House Speaker John Boehner, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

The group is funding a $25,000 ad campaign against Boehner and a petition drive at PrimaryBoehner.com with a goal of collecting 1 million signatures by Jan. 31. Radio’s Rusty Humphries, a spokesman for the Tea Party Leadership Fund, is leading the group’s effort to find a candidate.

BOEHNER_small11 Tea Party group actively looking for candidate to primary Boehner

“John Boehner has declared war on conservatives demanding lower taxes and limited government,” Humphries said in a statement provided exclusively to Breitbart News. “Today we declare war on him. We intend to send a message to his fellow ‘Republicans In Name Only’ that such ideologically bankrupt leadership must come to an end.”

The group’s release states it has polling that shows at least half of Republicans in Boehner’s Ohio district are willing to support a GOP candidate who is more conservative than the Speaker.

If the effort hopes to be successful, the group will have to move fast. The filing deadline for a candidate to enter the race to run against Boehner in the Ohio GOP primary is 4 p.m. on Feb. 5. The primary is on May 6.

If their polling is accurate and they find a strong conservative candidate, this race could get interesting real quick. But with less than a month to make this happen, I’m a bit skeptical they can pull it off. Let’s hope they know what they are doing.