Teacher Tells 5 Yr Old ˜It’s Not Good’ to Pray


From the time our daughters were born, we taught them to pray before eating every meal.  It didn’t matter if we were in public or anywhere, we prayed and thanked God for the food.  Many Christian families I know do the same thing.

Now what would you do as a parent if your 5 year old child came home from school and told you when they went to bow their head at lunch to pray for the food, a teacher told them they were not allowed and then told them that it’s not good to pray?

That’s exactly what happened to the five year old daughter of the Perez family in Oviedo, Florida, a suburb of Orlando.  When their daughter got home from school, she told her parents what had happened at lunch time.  Their daughter told them that she bowed her head to pray before eating her lunch and a teacher stopped her and told her:

“You’re not allowed to do that.”

The Perez girl said she was surprised and told the teacher:

“But it’s good to pray.”

The teacher responded back, telling the little girl:

“No! It’s not good.”

Marcos Perez, the girl’s father said that he and his wife were furious when they heard what happened.  He told the local media:

“My five-year old should not feel conflicted about prayer with respect to trying to follow rules or authority. We remain speechless that our daughter had to experience [that] from an individual with an agenda.”

prayer-Copy_small Teacher Tells 5 Yr Old ˜It's Not Good' to Pray

The Perez’s immediately contacted the school and insisted on knowing why their daughter’s First Amendment rights of freedom of religion were being violated.  The principal told Perez that when she asked all of the teachers, none of them admitted to doing or saying anything to prevent their daughter from praying.  This is no surprise because if a teacher doesn’t care about a violating a student’s constitutional rights, then lying probably isn’t an issue for that teacher either.

The principal then told Perez she still considers the matter to be a serious one.  She told him:

“Please know that students are permitted to pray during school. I will remind all staff members of this.”

Marcos Perez said that he and his wife have been quite concerned of late because all of the reports of public school students being indoctrinated with liberal ideology all over the nation.  The incident with their daughter and the teacher was the last straw for them and they subsequently pulled their daughter out of public school so they can homeschool her.

I strongly encourage every family to follow the Perez’s example and pull their kids out of public school to either homeschool them or enroll them in a private school.  Times are tough and many families can’t afford to do either, so my advice to them is to be actively involved with their kids’ schoolwork.  Take time to see what they are being taught and when you see things that concern you, address it with your child and with the school.  If you don’t take the time to know what they are being taught, I almost guarantee you that they will walk away from Christianity and have very socialistic views by the time they graduate high school.

From: http://godfatherpolitics.com/15012/teacher-tells-5-yr-old-good-pray/